The Bachelor: Where Are They Now?

The Bachelor

Did these lonely bachelors find their happily-ever-afters? We break it down for you in our special Where Are They Now edition!

Season 1

Then: First-ever (and sorta dorky, not in a good way) bachelor Alex Michel, a management consultant, picked Amanda Marsh over Trista Rhen, shocking pretty much everyone.
Now: Amanda dumped Alex after learning he was still in touch with Trista through letters and phone calls.

Alex Michel & Amanda Marsh

Season 2

Then: Aaron Buerge, vice-president of a chain of family-owned banks, set himself apart from the show’s other bachelors by buying an engagement ring for Helene Eksterowicz himself (easy when your family owns banks).
Now: They broke up shortly after the show wrapped and sold the ring on eBay.

Aaron Buerge & Helene Eksterowicz

Season 3

Then: Cocky Andrew Firestone, sales manager of Firestone Family Estates, picked sweet Jen Schefft over the rest of the single ladies.
Now: When this duo broke up, no one was surprised. Equally not surprising – Andrew went on to choose a model (Ivana Bozilovic) as his wife.

Andrew Firestone & Jenn Schefft

Season 4

Then: Funny guy Bob Guiney, founder of his own mortgage company, kissed all the girls but picked Estella Gardinier at the end – but he didn’t propose.
Now: Bob got pretty famous off the TV show and used it to launch a music career while Estella left it all behind. He eventually married actress Rebecca Budig of the All My Children soap opera.

Bob Guiney & Estella Gardinier

Season 5

Then: Football hunk Jesse Palmer threw his final pass to Jessica Bowlin, giving her a plane ticket to come see him instead of an engagement ring.
Now: "Jess&Jess"split just after the show wrapped.

Jesse Palmer & Jessica Bowlin

Season 6

Then: Long-haired Byron Velvick, a pro bass fisherman, called his pick of the bunch, Mary Delgado, his “partner for life.”
Now: Apparently this couple is still together, but no wedding date has ever been announced .... maybe because Mary's been arrested by the police not once but twice - the first time for punching Byron in the mouth (while they were watching season 11 of The Bachelor at a friend's house, apparently!) and more recently for public intoxication - not good.

Byron Velvick & Mary Delgado

Season 7

Then: Charlie O’Connell, the less-famous actor than his brother, Jerry, went for a gal called Sarah Brice and gave her a promise rather than engagement ring.
Now: They’re still together – wow!

Charlie O'Connell & Sarah Brice

Season 8

Then: Good-guy Travis Stork, an ER doc (who found success on a Dr. Phil spinoff show after the reality TV program aired), gave Sarah Stone a rock of her own when the show wrapped up.
Now: The two broke up, saying the fantasy of their TV romance didn’t quite translate into reality.

Travis Stork & Sarah Stone

Season 9

Then: Lorenzo Borghese, a real, live PRINCE and cosmetics entrepreneur, said he wasn’t ready to hand out any diamond rings just yet but then gave one to Jennifer Wilson anyway.
Now: Not one to copycat (that comes later on), Lorenzo left Jen for Sadie, the show’s runner-up. But - surprise - they broke up, too.

Lorenzo Borghese & Jennifer Wilson; inset: Sadie Murray

Season 10

Then: Andy Baldwin, all-around superstar (on paper, anyway – he’s a doctor, tri-athlete and naval officer) proposed to Tessa Horst on the show’s final episode.
Now: They called off their engagement after a month but continued seeing each other until September 2007.

Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst

Season 11

Then: Bar owner Brad Womack did what no other (MALE) bachelor has ever done before …
Now: … rejecting BOTH his top picks at the final rose ceremony, including bachelorette-to-be DeAnna Pappas.

Brad Womack & the two finalists

Season 12

Then: Matt Grant, who is in finance, invested his heart in Shayne Lamas.
Now: Nothing doing. The two cashed out in July 2008.

Matt Grant & Shayne Lamas

Season 13

Then: Jason Mesnick, an account exec from Seattle, probably shouldn’t have signed up to do the bad luck 13th season of the show, during which he chose to propose to Melissa Rycroft.
Now: Jason’s currently one of the most hated men in America, after dumping Melissa on national TV during the airing of After The Final Rose and asking the runner-up, Molly Malaney, out. At least he’ll always have the love of a good son.

Jason Mesnick & son

Find out if the girls did any better on KW’s The Bachelorette: Where Are They Now?

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