LEGO Battles :: DS Game Review

LEGO Battles :: DS Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jul 08, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

LEGO continues to show that it is the true imagination station with this latest game based around real-time strategy.

Since LEGO Star Wars, the developers behind the LEGO video game franchise have proven that they are able to combine smooth graphics, fun gameplay and excellent humor into their games. This legacy lives on with LEGO Battles, a RTS, or real-time strategy game, played out with LEGO on the Nintendo DS.

Making Your Fantasies Come True

It is a scene you have no doubt played out hundreds of time in your imagination and with your LEGO sets. Large armies building huge structures out of LEGO and battling each other. LEGO Battles is a real-time strategy game, meaning you need to be quick thinking and fast moving in order to compete with your opponents.

The essentials of the game consists of using Builders to harvest resources and build structures that can produce more units for fighting and other tasks. You command your army in defense of your base and in brutal offense against your foes.

The Nintedo DS touch screen and stylus is used for most of the game. You touch or tap and drag to select your units and touch where you want them to go or attack. Overall, the controls and the game is easy to learn and play. It can be hard to select exactly what you want in the heat of a battle, however, and useful RTS functions are missing, like hotkey groups and multiple orders for the same unit.

LEGO Battles also offers exploration and collecting fun along with the battles. Find blue studs and minikits on the map, like you would in other LEGO games, to unlock special characters and vehicles. Also like other LEGO games, there is a story mode, free play mode and multi-player.

Two Mini-Figs Up

In the past, some LEGO DS games have been glitchy and problematic to play. LEGO Battles has none of that and offers a unique experience that is fun and satisfying instead.


Price: $29.99

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

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