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Survivor 4 Marquesas - Finale

Survivor 4 Marquesas - Finale - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 1 Star Rating)

Vecepia Towery is the winner of Survivor 4 Marquesas. Kidzworlds got the scoop on the events leading up to her victory.

Well, it's official - the Sole Survivor of Survivor Marquesas, and the winner of the million dollars, is Vecepia Towery, the 36 year-old office manager from Portland, Oregon. This episode of Survivor Marquesas has a few unexpected twists and turns but it also has a lot of cheesy filler to drag it out for an unnecessary two hours long. It was almost enough to make me switch the channel. Here's how it all goes down on the final episode of Survivor Marquesas.

1Soliantu: Vecepia Towery, Neleh Dennis, Paschal English and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien.


Immunity Challenge #1:

This week we jump right to the Immunity Challenge which is all about how well you got to know your fellow tribe members and how much you actually paid attention to what they were saying. Yes, the beloved tribe member trivia. Jeff Probst asks the tribe a series of questions about tribe members who had been previously voted out of the Soliantu tribe. Using a pad of paper Vecepia, Neleh, Paschal and Kathy write the answers down and the first person to reach ten points (one point for each correct answer) wins Immunity. It is a tie between Neleh and Vecepia who each score nine points but Vecepia ends up winning the very valuable Immunity Necklace.


Tribal Council One:

Tribal Council begins right after the Immunity Challenge. Just before the vote, Kathy tells Vecepia that, although she doesn't want the Immunity necklace, she wants to strike a deal so she doesn't get voted out. Kathy says she'll vote with Vecepia which will create a tie, and Kathy would have a chance at the final three. Vecepia agrees with Kathy's desperate plea and the tribe votes - resulting in a tie. Paschal and Neleh vote for Kathy, Vecepia and Kathy vote for Neleh. Jeff Probst gives the four tribe members (remember, Vecepia can't be voted out) two minutes to decide whether Neleh or Kathy should get the boot and the majority vote rules. If they can't come to a conclusion then the group (excluding Vee) will pick colored rocks out of a sack to determine who's gonna go. Whoever picks a purple rock goes bye, bye, bye!

Of course it stays a deadlock cuz Pappy isn't gonna vote against his precious girl Neleh, so it comes down to the luck of the draw with the rocks. Poor Paschal ends up with the purple guy and becomes the 13th tribe member voted off the island.


The Cheese:

After assembling an outrigger canoe, the three remaining chicks, Vecepia Towery, Neleh Dennis and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, travel to the other side of the island for some body painting with Marquesian tattoo paint. Once they've decorated their bodies they travel past the torches of their fallen tribe members and the viewers at home get to see super cheesy video clips in slow motion of each member. Um, okay... this is a bit much. It is as if they all died in some tragic Survivor mishap or something - it is more like a eulogy piece. Then it goes on to some hokey tribal cleansing ritual where the three girls pour yellow gunk on their faces, hair and upper body and smear it around. This is the ultimate fromage and the stuff they smear on each other even looks like liquid cheese. I would much rather see a Reward Challenge or a one-hour episode without this painful, boring ritual.


Immunity Challenge #2:

This last Immunity Challenge comes down to the balance and endurance of the three girls. The old Survivor "stand on the pole and the last one left standing wins" deal. After a few hours, Kathy ends up falling when Neleh kindly (yeah, right!) distracts her by pointing out that her boobs are showing. Vecepia makes a deal with Neleh to step down if Neleh takes her to the finals. They agree, Kathy pulls the knife out of her back, and Neleh gets Immunity.


The Final Tribal Council:

Gasp of surprise - Kathy gets the boot!

The winner is revealed five months down the road in Central Park in New York City. Vecepia Towery wins the title of Sole Survivor (in a 4-3 vote) and takes home the million!


High Points:

  • Instead of asking a question, Tammy cut-to-the-chase with a brutal accusation that neither Neleh or Vecepia deserved to win with their "holier-than-thou attitudes" and that Kathy deserves to win.
  • Perky (to the point of making you want to punch her) little Neleh not winning the ultimate Survivor title.


    Low Points:

  • Jeff Probst's cheesy dramatic helicopter ride to Central Park. And, did we really have to watch him ask the taxi guy for a receipt?
  • The fake answers Neleh and Vecepia gave to the jury.


    Survivor Saying of the Week:

    "I hope that the Jury will look at the way I played this game as very strategic, very decisive, and some parts deceiving. If you look at the deceptive parts, they have put me in line to where I am right now."
    ~ Vecepia's plea for the jury to vote for her.

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    Who Should Have Won? Vote!

    • Vecepia for sure.
    • Kathy should have won but Vee backstabbed her.
    • Neleh should have won.
    • Pappy cuz he worked really hard.

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