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Jars of Clay - The Eleventh Hour CD Review

Jars of Clay - The Eleventh Hour CD Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Jars of Clay started out as a Christian band but before you stick out your tongue, get rid of the idea of them singing about God and how great the world is. Their new CD The Eleventh Hour isnt like that.

The Eleventh Hour

(Essential) 2002

Jars of Clay started out as a Christian band but before you stick out your tongue, listen to what I have to say. Get rid of that idea of a group of momma's boys singing about God and how great the world is. The Eleventh Hour isn't like that. Sure, you won't hear any trash talkin' but you can get that just about anywhere these days. This might even be a CD you could persuade your 'rents into buying for you cuz it's good music with NO black & white parental advisory sticker slapped on the cover.

Now, about the music. Jars of Clay are finally getting the recognition they deserve as a talented band. My fave tune on The Eleventh Hour is Revolution. It's a funky acoustic-driven track with a '60s keyboard sound much like you'd find on a Smash Mouth disc. The Eleventh Hour blends folk-rock and newer rock with great raspy vocals - think Bryan Adams.

The Eleventh Hour's vibe is feel-good, fresh - the perfect CD to throw on for some chillin' time. It's not super mellow but it's not hard rockin' either. Check it out and what you think. Look where Creed is today (they started out Christian too, ya know!) You'll find Jars of Clay close behind.


For more on Jars of Clay, click here.

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