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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Film Review

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Film Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Feb 08, 2011
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Kidzworld has seen The Biebs’ new film and we’re spilling details! This Friday, you can get up close and personal with Justin, or feel like you are, as his film Never Say Never sucks you into the screen and on stage with him in 3-D!

For those hiding under a rock, Never Say Never is the true story of Justin’s rise from Canadian small town talent shows to viral internet phenom to global superstar ending in a mega-concert at NYC’s sold-out Madison Square Garden where he shares the stage with his idol Usher, Miley Cyrus, Ludacris and up and comer Jaden Smith.

Our screening was on the Paramount Studio lot and full of fans and their parents. The fans were both respectful and excited and, afterwards, everyone we chatted with said they loved the movie.

Our first impression? The film has a lot of heart! Justin is just a good guy. He was raised that way by his single mom and her loving parents and he’s passing it on to his fans. We see the Bieber team pass out ten to twenty free tickets to deserving fans for each of his concerts. We see the mega-star’s concern and anxiety at the very thought of a severely-infected throat keeping him from performing and letting fans down.

Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures Corporation

Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager who discovered him on YouTube, tells us that Team Bieber has a mission to spread love (hold up your hands in the shape of a heart here) throughout the planet. Fans at the packed Madison Square Garden concert in the Big Apple are into it and, as Justin points directly at you and sings "Smile," "Eenie Meenie," and "Baby" among other hits, you’ll feel the heat.

At each concert, Bieber picks one fan from the audience for a special treat; a bouquet of flowers and center stage while he croons "One Less Lonely Girl”. The film zeros in on several of these lucky ladies chosen at different concerts and, depending on your level of Biebs devotion, you’ll cry and freak right along with them.

For those REALLY into Justin’s hair bigtime, there is a whole montage of friends, family and celebs imitating his famous hair/head toss and he does it a few times for you… in 3-D! The documentary part of the movie covers everything, in old home video, from amazingly cute baby Justin doing his natural drumming and playing a guitar that is about twice as big as he is to tween Biebs coming in second in the Stratford Idol talent contest. We see him singing on street corners and learn about his YouTube viral videos. One of his first public performances was at a water park...in the rain for only 40 people!

Justin Bieber with His MomJustin Bieber with His Mom

Fans are included throughout the film in various clips showcasing their adoration with comments like “Justin is cooler than my brother”, “I WILL be Mrs. Justin Bieber” and “Justin is a dreamy Christmas Elf”. Ooookay!

On to superstardom, a record contract, moving to America and hanging out with his best buds back home on a brief visit to his old haunts. Biebs and buds play ball in a local gym. Hometown people now notice him. His 7th grade teacher comments that he signed his locker at school but maintenance guys thought it was graffiti and wiped it off!

Backstage scenes are great and they include Justin on tour, shirtless, practicing in bathrooms and on his tour bus where he also completes some home-schooling lessons.

The film will also garner lots of fan sympathy when Justin’s horrible throat infection makes us wonder if he’ll cancel a concert. We see a sad-for-his-fans superstar ordered by his doctor to keep his mouth shut… so he tweets. and texts thousands of messages. At one point our boy downs a horrible-looking health drink when he had rather have chicken nuggets and a Big Mac. As he chugs, he comments that “This tastes like liquid poop and smells like dinosaur pee!”.

Justin Bieber Back to Back with UsherJustin Bieber Back to Back with Usher

Finally, the big 3-D NYC concert with guests Miley Cyrus, Usher, Ludacris and Jaden Smith who all join Justin on various songs. The concert looks great in 3-D and you’ll love the final show-stopper “Baby” complete with confetti that you feel you could reach out and grab.

Final word? Never Say Never is so worth your admission money. It is funny, heartfelt, Bieber-licious and just a really well-made portrait of the first modern superstar who was made online and through Social Networking and, oh, yes, with the aid of some pretty amazing talent! If we are shooting for a top rating of five stars, this film gets all of them. Live your dreams and never say never!


Never Say Never (From The Original Motion Picture)

By: Lynn Barker


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