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Nicole Scherzinger Bio

We all know Nicole Scherzinger as the lead vocalist for dance crew turned singing sensation The Pussycat Dolls, as well as for showing of her amazing vocal range in her solo songs, but it’s been a long journey to the top for this “doll,” learn all about it in her Kidzworld bio!

Hawaiian Honey

Nicole was born in one of America’s hottest holiday destination spots, Honolulu, Hawaii! But the singer gets her exotic looks from all around the world. Her father, Alfonso Valiente is Filipino, and her mother Rosemary is of Russian-Hawaiian descent, making Nicole a world-class stunner. Unfortunately Nicole’s parents split up when she was just a baby.

Kentucky Kid

When Nicole was six and she and her half-sister Ke’ala moved with their mother and new stepfather, Gary Scherzinger, to Louisville, Kentucky for a fresh start. Nicole’s family didn’t have a lot of money, but the singer says that what they did have was a lot of love. It was in Louisville that she first realized that she wanted to sing, and her mother supported her whole-heartedly. Nicole went to the Youth Performing Arts School to learn to act and sing, and was even the first-runner up at the Kentucky State Fair in the Coca Cola Classic Talent contest as a teenager!

First Day of School to Days of the New

Nicole wasn’t just talented but smart as well, so after high school she attended Wright State University where she continued to grow as an actress and singer by studying drama and musical theater. She starred in her university’s production of the sizzling musical Chicago as the notorious Velma Kelly. But the music industry came knocking, and Nicole put her studies on hold to see back-up vocals for the rock band Days of the New.

We're used to hearing Nicole as a sultry, saucy R&B singer, but see if you can hear her singing back up in this hard-hitting rock song from Days of the New:

Eden’s Crush

In 2001 Nicole auditioned and competed in the WB’s reality show Popstars, eventually winning a spot in the final group, called Eden's Crush. Nicole stood out among the other girls as one of the main singers and the groups topped the charts with their hit “Get Over Yourself.” But Eden’s Crush wasn’t a singing paradise for the young singer, Nicole found it stressful and was relieved when the group disbanded.

“It was hell... I was in a band with five other girls and every day was torture for me. We were on TV all the time and the atmosphere was awful... Every day I was in that band I cried my eyes out. The band was meant to be fun and frivolous but the reality was that it was miserable... I was too sensitive back then, but I got toughened up. I couldn't have gone into the Dolls without my experience in Crush,” Nicole told reporters.

Here's Nicole with the Pussycat Dolls and their breakout hit, Don't Cha:

Dolls and Dreams

In 2003 Nicole found her perfect fit, The Pussycat Dolls. The Dolls were a modern-day urban burlesque troupe (an old-fashioned type of dance), recently turned recording artists. The group appealed to Nicole because she not only got to sing, but also use her musical theater and dance training. It was a match made in heaven, and the girls were soon climbing up the charts with hits like “Dont Cha.” The Dolls opened up the doors for Nicole to show her talent with other amazing artist, like guesting on songs with huge stars like Will Smith and P. Diddy, and a range of talented people for the album Doll Domination.After the Dolls threw Nicole into the spotlight, she decided the time was right to record a solo album called My Name is Nicole most of which she wrote herself, establishing herself as a talent that can stand alone, with a voice to be reckoned with (a five octave range to be exact, move over Mariah Carey)!

Take a look at Nicole's dark dance single Poison:

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