Before You Exit Q&A

Feb 06, 2012

Teen pop punk band Before You Exit have been winning over fans online and onstage, releasing videos on YouTube and touring with All Time Low. Made up of brothers Connor and Riley McDonnough and friends Braiden Wood and Thomas Silver, these Florida teens are ready to take on new fans with the release of their new EP this March. Find out more in their Kidzworld Q&A!

KW: How did you get started?

  • BYE: The band got started in 2007 when Braiden and Thomas went to school together and became friends over the course of their 7th grade year, and at the end decided to form a music group. Braiden had known Connor from the local youth group downtown and wanted to introduce him to Thomas. The three instantly clicked, thus forming Before You Exit. Riley was added to the band a little over a year later, completing the package.

KW: What first made you interested in music?

  • BYE: Music just kind of came to us, it seemed like, when we were pretty young. Once we all picked up instruments and started singing, we instantly knew it was what we wanted to do.

KW: How would you describe your sound?

  • BYE: We would probably describe our music as pop rock, danceable, music you would want to listen to driving on the highway or just even at a party.

KW: What does each member of the band bring to the group?

  • BYE: Each member definitely adds his own spice that makes Before You Exit what it is today in this world. All four of us are definitely big time jokesters. Riley is definitely very hard-working and driven, Braiden is a very generous and an all-around good kid, Thomas is definitely the funny guy, and very caring, and last but not least, Connor, definitely the man with the plan, very determined, hard-working, and trustworthy.

KW: Do you ever have arguments?

  • BYE: What good group of friends doesn’t! Although we all may have our disagreements here and there, we always get through them and move on with our lives.

KW: What is your song writing process like?

  • BYE: The song writing process can go different ways every time it seems. An idea can hit you when you’re using the bathroom for example, and you record it on your phone and save it for later, and then who knows, it could turn into a hit.

KW: Who are some of your influences?

  • BYE: Our influences definitely vary greatly! We like artists and bands such as John Mayer, Foo Fighters, All Time Low, Relient K and many more. Those are just to name a few!

KW: What is the best piece of advice you've received since starting out?

  • BYE: Well, the biggest one we get from all of our elder bands that we’ve interacted with is to just never give up, plain and simple. Never stop believing in what you’re doing, no matter what any critics or “haters” have to say. Show them who’s boss, hahaha.

Before You Exit Group ShotBefore You Exit Group Shot

KW: What is your favorite part of touring?

  • BYE: Well, being on tour is just a giant whirlwind of fun things to do. Meeting new people every single day, getting to see this incredible country we live in and all the scenery and sights… nothing can really top that feeling.

KW: What is your single End of The World about?

  • BYE: Our new single “End of the World” is a song about loving someone likes it’s their last day on earth, show them how much you care about them, tell them everything you’ve ever wanted to tell them, because there may be no tomorrow.

Your Fave...

Band: Marianas Trench, Parachute

Food: Pizza

Movie: The Social Network

Book: What is a “book”?

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