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The Secret Circle: Season 1, Episode 21:: Prom

May 04, 2012

This week on The Secret Circle (Season 1, Episode 21) during Prom the gang goes in search of the last crystal hidden in the high school. Read the Kidzworld recap of “Prom”, which aired May 3, 2012, to find out what you missed!

Return From the Dead

At the end of last week’s episode the circle got a glimpse of a familiar face helping the witch hunters – Nick!  The group meet to talk about finding the last crystal, which last week Adam “uncloaked” when going through his grandfather’s things and revealed was hidden in the high school. Melissa tries to convince the circle that Nick needs their help, but Jake counters her, telling her that the Nick they knew is truly gone. Diana is still suspicious of Blackwell and refuses to trust him, but Cassie follows his advice on how to find the crystal using Blackwell blood and discovers that she can see her parents in the past. She convinces Diana to join her so they can follow both their mothers and see where the crystal is hidden. Oh yeah, and of course this all has to go down during prom night!

Blast From the Past

Everyone gets a blast from the past in this episode. Melissa sees her long-gone love Nick alone in the clubhouse and tries to see his humanity, but he’s only interested in gaining the crystal. Faye rekindles her old romance and convinces Jake to go to prom with her like they were supposed to two years ago (if he had bothered to show up), and Diana sees that someone unexpected has come back to town – that’s right, her Aussie hottie! Blackwell confronts Dawn and asks her why Diana dislikes him and then uses his powers to “haunt” Charles by forcing him to go through Amelia’s last moments before she died.

Once the circle heads to prom Diana and Cassie find a quiet classroom and use their blood to see where the crystal is hidden by following their mothers. They learn that Amelia convinced the rest of her circle to trust him and then realized he was using them, fathering both Diana and Cassie as well as making sure the rest of the group had kids at the same time as well so that he could also control the future circle, and Amelia left town so that the circle could never be bound and confessed her plan to Adam’s grandfather. Diana is furious with Cassie for making them trust Blackwell just like her mother and they tell the rest of the group to distrust him and keep the crystal away from him. Meanwhile Nick breaks into the high school also in search of the crystal.

When Diana returns home to her dad she finds him cowering on the floor, and tormented he confesses that he killed Cassie’s mother. Distraught she runs outside right into Grant’s arms.

Away with Faye

Nick beats the circle to the crystal and runs away and they chase after him to find him talking to Eben, asking for the return of the demon that is keeping him alive.Cassie uses her dark magic to force the crystal from Eben’s hands, but he knocks her down with his power. Blackwell arrives in time to fight Eben and Jake wrestles with Nick to keep him from killing and getting the crystal, but in the end it’s Melissa who has to deal the fatal blow. Blackwell ends up with the crystal in his hand, but during the fight the witch hunters kidnap Faye!

Have Your Say

What do you think the witch hunters are planning to do with Faye? Let us know in the comments below!



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