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Pretty Little Liars: Season 3, Episode 14:: She's All Better Now

Jan 09, 2013

This week on Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 14) Mona is a out of the nuthouse and back at Rosewood High. Read the Kidzworld Recap of “She's All Better Now” which aired January 8th, 2013 to discover what you missed!

Late Night Visitor

After the harrowing experience of the Halloween train debacle, there was no shortages of surprises in store for the liars this week, starting with Mona's release from Radley. The episode opens with a hooded figure skateboarding down the street, being chased and hit by a black SUV driven by none other than Toby! Mona pitches up in Hanna's bedroom in the dead of night to plea with her, saying her parents are forcing her to return to Rosewood High. All the liars phones light up as Hanna spreads the news, and everyone is torn about what to do, stay away from her or buddy up to find out more about the NAT club and team A. On her first day back Mona gets a brain with knife through it in her locker with the note "takes one mad cow to know another." That's not the only surprise, Meredith (Aria's dad's mistress) is filling in for one of Aria's teachers, and after seeing her texting in class (about her, obviously) confiscates Aria's phone. Emily's dad looks like he's back and means business, setting up their house with alarms on every window and putting his daughter on lockdown.

Cleaning Up

Throughout the episode Aria is on edge, jumping to her dad's defense every time someone brings up the possibility that Byron saw Ali the night she died, and what's worse she has the secret about Fitz's son weighing on her - with no help from A! She nearly stumbles over a giant "It's a Boy" congrats basket. Hanna notices that Lucas has been limping, and wonders if he was on the Halloween train, she enlists Caleb's help to find out why he's limping. Caleb doesn't get much out of Lucas, but he does manage to hack into the school transcripts for Mona's readmission, and lo and behold it turns out it was Mona, and not her parents, who wanted to come back to Rosewood. Lucas drops by Hanna's house, looking spooked, and tells Hanna that he's limping because of a skateboarding accident (ah ha!) and that Mona was able to sneak out of Radley long before she was officially released. Spencer spies Jason giving Mona a hug at school, and warns him that Mona isn't to be trusted, but he tells her that he'll make his own mind up, and later we see Mona patching up a wound on his side (could he be the one who got stabbed by Aria?) Mona released a viral vid to whole school telling everyone about how she was bullied, her time in Radley and how she wants to make a clean start, Hanna's Grandma puts it nicely when she says "that child is more twisted than my toes!)

Meredith isn't the only familiar face at Rosewood this episode, Emily recognizes a janitor as the desk clerk at the Lost Woods Resort (Mona's HQ for A-related activity.) In fact, they spy some Mon-A paraphernalia in his office.

Run and Hide

The girls devise a plan for during the town's race to break in to the janitor's office and see what they can find of Mona's, even Emily manages to get out house to join them. When the girls break in they discover that the bags of Mona's stuff is all gone, but there's one thing left behind - Ali's journal. Aria finds a page where she talks about blackmailing her dad, and we see a disturbing flashback where she demands money and expects to receive it on her return from visiting her grandmother, and Byron shows a small part of his violent side. The girls hear creepy janitor Harold coming so Aria rips the page out and they all scatter. Meanwhile Meredith gets the brunt of blast with the swag-bag tent on fire. A note was left to lure her in there, and Aria's dad accuses her and her friends. The last thing we see is a hooded "A" stealing parts from a guy's bike...not "A"'s sneakiest move to date, but after such a packed episode, we'll let it slide.

Have Your Say

What do you think Mona's next move is? Let us know in the comments section below.



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