Microsoft's Policy Reversal Marketing: Get The Facts

Oct 07, 2013

So I've been spending time talking to some of my fellow gamers here at Kidzworld and I was surprised to see so much misinformation being spread about the Xbox One. I've been reading such things as "Xbox One has no games", "Xbox One is always spying on you" "You can't trade or sell your games", "You have to be online to play games" and much more. None of those quoted statements are true.

Xbox One launches November 22ndXbox One launches November 22ndCourtesy of Microsoft

Granted, Microsoft made a mess of their Xbox One announcement with unclear statements themselves. The messaging coming from the PR guys at Microsoft was a convoluted maze of contradictions. DRM and digital distribution were seemingly about to come over to the console side of things with full momentum, taking away some of the freedom we've always had with our games.

But those policies were under fire quickly as the gaming population spoke out in dismay. And to everyone's surprise...Microsoft actually listened. They took another look at their strategy and reversed pretty much every single unpopular feature the Xbox One was announced to incorporate.

You can trade, sell or lend your disc based games to your friends or family, just as you do now on Xbox 360 or any other home console. There are no restrictions, which is great news.

My fellow Canadian gaming journalists over at IGN, Mitch Dyer, was sent an email recently with a picture that was snapped at Gamestop. It shows Microsoft's attempt at getting the new policies across clearly and bluntly to the mass-consumer population that may not be up to date on how Xbox One works.

Xbox One: Get The FactsXbox One: Get The FactsCourtesy of Mitch Dyer/IGN

Gamestop also has updated their website with an in-depth "Get The Facts" page as well, which I recommend checking out for those that are still confused about Microsoft's Xbox One.

"Xbox One has no games"...This is one of the more ignorant statements I see repeated in the forums. Microsoft begs to differ and I'm siding with them on this. Both the Xbox One and PS4 are launching with one of the best launch line-ups in the history of gaming. To quote a popular meme..."Have You SEEN Titanfall!".

Check out the next-gen hype inducing trailer Microsoft put together below.

No matter your console of choice, you're going to get a beast of a next-gen gaming machine with plenty of great exclusives and 3rd party support for years to come. You can pre-order Xbox One and PS4 now at Amazon, Gamestop/EB and all other major game-retail outlets.

If you have any questions regarding Xbox One or PS4, don't hesitate to ask me!


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I don't know about you all, but I've been gaming on Xbox 360 and PS3 for 7 years now...I'm ready to move on! Are you fellow gamers ready and excited for the next-generation of gaming? Let me know in the comments below!



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GamingDJ wrote:

Microsoft can say what they want, i'm PlayStation forever. Can you blame me? Xbox liv...
commented: Tue Nov 12, 2013

Im tired of hereing about this next gen crat its not next gen the only differnce this g...
commented: Wed Oct 09, 2013


RedEyeGames wrote:

"Ignorance is bliss", right? Xbox One has pretty much sold out of pre-orders everywhere...
commented: Mon Oct 07, 2013

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