Kinect Sports Rivals: Hands-On Demo

Nov 29, 2013

Kinect Sports Rivals, the successor to the Kinect Sports series, was supposed to be the premiere launch-title to showcase the new and improved Kinect sensor for Xbox One. Unfortunately for gamers, the game was delayed just before launch in order to allow Rare, the games developers, a little more time to add polish, making for a better user experience. But Rare wasn't satisfied with just leaving the Kinect gaming fans high and dry at launch.

Who will be the champion of YOUR living room?Who will be the champion of YOUR living room?Courtesy of Microsoft

To tide us over until the games new eventual release date, which is Spring 2014, Microsoft Game Studios and Rare have released a meaty demo for gamers to sink some time into and it's available right now on Xbox Live. The demo only features one event, the Jet-Ski racing, but offers a bunch of monthly challenges to complete, adding incentive to return over and over again.

You'll be asked to set of 6 explosive mines, finish the race in under certain time limit and more. If you meet said challenges, you're rewarded with points which can be used towards bonuses in the full version of the game.

Jet-Ski racing is awesome.Jet-Ski racing is awesome.Courtesy of Microsoft

When Kinect Sports Rivals does eventually release this upcoming March, it will feature 6 events to jump into. Mountain climbing, jet ski racing, bowling, soccer, tennis, and sharpshooting will all be available for you to set high scores in and once and for all, prove who really is the champion of your living room.

Football is 1 of the 6 events offered in Kinect Sports Rivals.Football is 1 of the 6 events offered in Kinect Sports Rivals.Courtesy of Microsoft

I've been playing a lot of Kinect Sports Rivals Pre-Season on Microsoft's Xbox One and I'm happy to say that the jet-ski racing is a ton of fun. I've put together a little demo of the game below, where I show you how the game is controlled with Kinect and then provide a little commentary over the race I recently completed, setting a pretty decent lap time. Forgive me for the audio quality, it will be better next time!

Watch RedEyeGames play Kinect Sports Rivals below!

I hope you enjoyed the above video preview. Kinect Sports Rivals will be splashing it's way into stores next March. You can find the Kinect Sports Rivals Pre-Season demo on Xbox Live to start practicing and earning points now!

Hope to see you gamers online!


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