Does Britney Sell Sex? Members Respond

Does Britney Sell Sex? Members Respond - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Does Britney Spears use sex to sell more records? Well, her image has gotten a lil' raunchy lately, hasn't it? here's what Kidzworld members have to say about Britney and her "grown-up" image.

1Well, I think Brit's outfits are kinda cute but she has taken it too far!!!! And, in her last CD, the song BOYS, is that the message she wants to send out?

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1 Britney is flashing herself TOO much, you're right! It's a good thing Justin dumped her - he deserves better. She is settin' a bad example for her younger fans and is going too far. Britney is rubbish but JUSTIN IS THE BEST!!!

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1Britney Spears is a dropkick, she needs to retire. She was cool, but not anymore.

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1Britney's great but a bit too flashy. I mean, she's fine but if she starts showing her bum around that's going a bit too far. She might just think she doesn't get noticed enough and feels she needs to do something about it. But, you have to think what YOU think not anyone else.

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The fault in our stars is much good :3 I mean v good. Best movie
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jordand08 posted in Movies:
Haven't seen If I Stay but really want to. TFIOS
reply about 6 hours
-Gwen42-- posted in Movies:
Both, they are both really good, but sad.
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Omg, my friend lent me The Fault In Our Stars dvd and it was literally the best movie I have ever seen, I was a bit scared to watch it because I don't really like sad movies but it was just amazing and a sort of happy sad if you know what I mean like not happy but like i don't know just not depressing sad
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The Last Airbender by far.
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