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Boys! Boys! Boys! Dear Dish-It Answers Crush Questions for the Girls

Sep 05, 2017

Today on Dear Dish-It’s, “Let’s Talk About it Tuesday” we are going to be looking at questions from specifically girl kids and teens who are dealing with boy issues. It’s no question that women develop and mature faster than boys. Girls tend to know what they want and aren’t up for playing games. It can be so hard at this age just trying to figure the opposite sex out. At this age everything is fragile, especially our feelings and we have to look out for those. No matter what boy problem you are facing, taking care of yourself is number one.

Let’s Take a Look at This Week’s Questions:

It's frustrating when we don't know if a guy likes us back. It's frustrating when we don't know if a guy likes us back.

Question by rose2007

How do I tell if he likes me?


There are a lot of ways to tell if he likes you. For starters, does he pay a lot of attention to you? Does he go out of his way to talk to you? Try to make you feel special? You have to ask yourself what it is that is making you wonder this, is it something he did? Or do you just like him and hope he likes you back? Generally, unless really shy or unready, a guy will pay attention to a girl he is interested in. He will flirt and be nice to you and make you know for certain that you are liked by him. You can be forward and just find out or you can wait and see and see how it turns out. Maybe try talking to him and see if he shows any interest.

Question by Misunderstood15

How do I tell if this boy I'm talking to likes me back. My real question is What signs should I notice if a boy likes me back?


This question is similar to the one above so I suggest you read that question along with my reply. Signs are usually easy to spot because if a guy is confident enough to like you, he will pay you attention. He will try to get to know you or start talking to you a lot. If a guy is constantly ignoring you and not replying to messages, take that as a sign to move on. If you say you are already talking to him, why not take a step back and see if he starts a conversation first. It will test his interest level and maybe show you that this flirtation isn’t all in your head.

If you can't face him, you can always try texting. If you can't face him, you can always try texting.

Question by yefy

Dear Dish-It, if you are famous and, you have a secret relationship with a famous boy does that means it is a secret because the boy has another girl or is best to keep it secret because of the fans?


I really want to answer your question but I am not sure what you are asking me exactly. In my experience, secrets are secrets for a reason. That reason generally being that they can hurt people. I would assume a famous person having a secret affair wouldn’t want to hurt their partner or their fans. Though, Dear-Dish-It is a strong believer that the truth always comes out.

Question by key

Why [are boys] strange sometimes?


I imagine boys wonder the same thing about girls. This “strangeness” comes from difference, boys and girls are opposite sexes. They will not always see eye-to-eye, want the same things or express similar interests. To be honest, I don’t know what your definition of strange is, but to me, it represents the unfamiliar. Get to know the things you find strange, it might help you understand boys better. Remember, boys, get better with age so you have to be patient with them. Don’t have high expectations, but be open minded to their differences. Understand there are things about you that likely don’t make sense to boys. At the end of the day, everyone has to be themselves and everyone wants to be loved for who they are. I am sure that beneath that “strange” there are great things so don’t cast people off too quickly. Give people a chance and who knows you might even start to like what you thought was strange in the first place.

Rejection is a part of the dating game, but it makes you stronger.Rejection is a part of the dating game, but it makes you stronger.


Dating at this age is never easy. We find ourselves feeling very uncertain as we ponder, “does he like me back?” I know a girl who wasn’t afraid to just ask these boys if they liked her. Rejection is a big part of life and something we all have to deal with, but the more you face it the easier it gets.

Have confidence in yourself. Don’t be afraid to go after things. You truly have nothing to lose.

Every guy is different, but my rule of thumb is that if a guy is interested in you, he shows. He pays attention to you, he goes out of his way to talk to you or hang out with you. Boy can be shy and sometimes may need you to take the lead but remember this is all new to them and it can be quite scary. Take your time. There is no rush. In time, it will all make sense as you laugh at the people you used to like, and focus on the person who likes you back.

Not everyone you like will like you back.Not everyone you like will like you back.

Dear Dish-It Housekeeping

I never want you to feel like I am ignoring you, however, there are some questions I can’t answer like, “how to build a computer?” Please remember Dear Dish-It does not answer questions regarding bodily issues, physical issues, especially regarding female hygiene, periods, drug use or sexual activities. Please review our guidelines before posting a question as posts of these nature will not be answered. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you visit your doctor soon to get the help that you need.

Secondly, there is an overflow of crash-related questions coming in and I am doing my best to get to the all or address popular concerns in crush articles.

Interested in getting in touch with Dear Dish-It? Simply email deardish@kidzworld.com with your concern, and we will address you on “Let’s Talk about it Tuesday” if your question is suitable for our topic of conversation. Regardless, keep your eyes peeled as Dear Dish-It it is covering a lot of issues, and you never know when your question or topic of concern will be featured in an article. Please let us know if you would like your handle to be listed as anonymous and list your age in your question if you would like as that can impact advice. To learn the Do's and Don'ts of Dear Dish-It, and to find out what kind of questions are appropriate, check out this article!

Have Your Say

How do boys show they like you? Have you ever told a boy that you like him? Comment below!



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Dear Dish-It In The Forums

Goodness... I see where your mother is coming from: if you eat too much, no matter how healthy the food is, and don't work off the calories, you're going to gain weight. But she's being very obsessive and dramatic about it. There is nothing wrong with eating pizza or a cookie every now and then, and there's nothing wrong with relaxing from time to time either. As long as you aren't constantly eating junk and not burning the calories, then you do not have a problem. Eating unhealthy things every now and then does not make you fat. EATING every now and then does not make you fat. Try explaining this to her, calmly and patiently. Tell her that you don't want to be forced to do all of this exercising - being forced to exercise makes it a lot less interesting. Do not take "This is for your own good" for an answer; if you do not want to do it, it is NOT for your good. (This, of course, would be a different story if you were actually fat.) ALSO tell her that exercising too much and not satiating your cravings is JUST AS UNHEALTHY AS BEING FAT IS. If you were to not eat healthful meals and not snack every now and then, no matter how healthy or unhealthy the food is, plus exercise so frequently, you would not be healthy.  Eating is good for you, even if the food isn't. Eating too little and eating too much is not healthy. Exercise is good for you. Not exercising enough and exercising too much is not good for you. If you talking to her doesn't help, try telling another adult how you feel, and maybe they can help get it through to her. Regardless of what happens, take care of yourself. Moderate how much you eat, but don't limit yourself to less than you feel you need. Exercise, but don't do something you don't want to; working out should be fun. Good luck with everything. I'm really sorry that she makes you feel so badly about this.
reply about 23 hours
jake495 posted in Family Issues:
Make sure she knows its your body not hers In a respectful way of course
reply about 24 hours
I'm perfectly happy with myself. I'm around 5'6" and somewhere between 140-150 pounds, and I don't feel fat. But my mom is constantly telling me that I am, or, at least, that I'm going to be. She forces me to go to exercise classes because I don't like many sports, tries making me go on diets, but I don't want to. She tells me that if I continue the way I am, having an extra cookie once in a while and only eating cereal for breakfast, that I'll end up fat, and she makes sure to emphasize how horrible that is for a person to live with. She rolls her eyes and sighs whenever she sees me getting a snack, and just in general makes me feel awful for eating the things I like and for relaxing. I've told her that I don't want to do these things and that she makes me feel bad when she says things like that, but she swears it's for my own good and that I should never want to be fat, that it ruins people's lives. How should I deal with this?
reply 1 day
drowning posted in Friends:
"NS12" wrote: I meet this guy at a festival and we have been talking for the whole week and my mum has noticed I keep texting someone and I know I need to tell her but I don t know how I am going to tell her, I doubt she ll get angry or anything but he lives about 4/5 hours away from me. I know I need to tell her as I don t like keeping secrets from her. I know this was a bit ago, but I truly hope that you were able to be open with your mother. If you feel as if they won't get mad at you, then chances are that your guardian will not. Honesty is the best policy, and if you feel guilt keeping a secret, then it is one you probably shouldn't be keeping.
reply 2 days
I agree with @rainbowpoptart. You really shouldn't worry about relationships that much given your age. I promise, they're better things to worry about than boys and more secure romances occur later on in life anyways. But, given the situation, you shouldn't worry about either. The boy is unfaithful and so is your friend. If your best friend really valued your friendship, she would not have put it in a position that could end it. Don't waste your time on those who will not put you first just as you do for them; better people will come into your life and they are the ones who you should really worry about.
reply 2 days