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Special - Grammy Awards 2001

Special - Grammy Awards 2001 - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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It was old school, it was new school, it was as boring as school. Sure they hyped the whole deal as exciting and controversial, but I would have had less trouble staying awake in algebra.

It was old school, it was new school, it was as boring as school. Sure they hyped the whole deal as exciting and controversial, but I would have had less trouble staying awake in algebra. Not only did John Stewart suck as a host but most of the awards went to people who've done albums I've never heard of.

*NSYNC lost Best Pop Duo or Group to Steely Dan. Not Backstreet Boys, not Destiny's Child - Steely Dan. Never heard of them? Ask you parents - they have. These guys are so old that I thought they were dead. Guess not. They also beat out Eminem for Album of the Year. But some awards did go to the right people. Destiny's Child picked up one for Best R&B Duo or Group. Despite the huge controversy, Eminem won for Best Rap Album. America's #1 bad-boy was humble and subdued. He said "Thank you for getting past all the controversy and seeing the album for what it is. And what it isn't." He also thanked his daughter and told her he loved her. Awe - that was the best acceptance speech of the night.

As for performances - they were all pretty good. Madonna kicked the whole show off. The mother of pop cruised onto the stage in a sequined covered Cadillac driven by Lil Bow Wow and then proceeded to show the world that she is still the groovin' material girl she was back in '83. Moby and the Blue Men were way cool. Faith belted out Breathe like only Faith can do and she gave the second best acceptance speech. She looked like she was truly honored. *NSYNC performed This I Promise You. They mixed it up a bit vocally with new harmonies. Visually they spruced it up with people posed as statues in a gray light and Justin sportin' a new 'do - or rather lack of 'do. He shaved his head.

U2 won a ton of awards and yeah I like them, but their album just came out and nobody's heard more than one song - at least not on the radio. Even they thought they shouldn't have won one of the awards. Bono kept saying that their award should have gone to Macy Gray.

Macy did win Best Female Pop Vocalist and she performed too. But I don't know if she realized it. She seemed completely spaced out. First her coat kept getting caught on people's chairs as she walked down the aisle so she ripped it off and then during her performance she kept staring at her hand and giggling. Hmmm...

Fashion 411

Best Dressed:

Elton John. No this is not a serious choice but, really, I didn't like anybody's outfits.

Worst Dressed:

Christina Aguilera, who had all the ugly braids in her hair and a really ugly, really big fake tattoo on her exposed back.

Least Dressed:

Toni Braxton takes this award from Jennifer Lopez who did not compete - I mean attend - this year. Toni's dress hung low in the top front and was just two panels of material covering her front and behind. The whole time she was presenting I just kept trying to figure out how she was wearing underwear under that thing. I'm guessing all the guys watching kept trying to get a peak.

Most Underdressed:

Macy Gray who looked like she was shopping at Walmart in a pair of jeans, a weird furry white coat and an oversized T shirt.

The best performances of the night go to Christina Aguilera who spiced up the Staples Auditorium with a racy latin number and some serious salsa moves with her boyfriend Jorge. Eminem and Elton John also gave a good show, but why did Michael Greene - some "suit" in charge of the back end of music, have to make a 10 minute speech explaining why they were letting Em rap? I mean, if you're that freaked out by it then don't put him up there. I'm sure he would have been fine with not attending. Anyway, it was a good performance and a great way to end a show. It was the only reason I kept watching until the end.


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    Who Didn't Win, but Should Have?

    • *NSYNC for Best Pop Duo or Group.
    • Eminem for Album of the Year.
    • Christina Aguilera for Best Latin Album.
    • Elton John for Bravest Star for getting on stage with Eminem.

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