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The O.C. TV Show Facts

The O.C. TV Show Facts - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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The O.C. has become a huge Fox hit and has even been compared to 90210. Find out more about this prime time drama starring Mischa Barton, Adam Brody and Benjamin McKenzie!

If there's one word to describe the FOX hit, The O.C., it's scandalous! Something new around every corner and parties every week, The O.C. makes you wanna try to convince the 'rents to move to Orange County. Since that's probably not gonna happen, why not read up on some fun facts about one of the most entertaining shows on prime time!

The O.C. - Main Cast

  • Ryan Atwood - Benjamin McKenzie
  • Seth Cohen - Adam Brody
  • Marissa Cooper - Mischa Barton
  • Summer Roberts - Rachel Bilson
  • Sandy Cohen - Peter Gallagher
  • Kirsten Cohen - Kelly Rowan
  • Julie Cooper-Nichol - Melinda Clarke
  • Jimmy Cooper - Tate Donovan
  • Caleb Nichol - Alan Dale

The O.C. - Fun Facts

  • The O.C. can now be seen on FOX on Thursday nights instead of Wednesday.
  • The O.C.'s theme song is sung by the band Phantom Planet.
  • Samaire Armstrong (she played Anna in season one of the O.C.) has her own clothing line called NARU.
  • Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson are dating in real life. It's even rumored that the pair is looking to buy a house together!
  • Law students, and fans of The O.C., set up the Sandy Cohen Fellowship in early 2004 which is a scholarship that would send one Law student to work in the Orange County public defender's office over summer 2004.
  • Sandy Cohen was voted #25 in TV Guide's 50 Greatest Dads of All Time, which was featured in the June 20, 2004 edition.


    The O.C. - Quotes

    "Your mother has to wake up every morning and be Julie Cooper. That's punishment enough." - Jimmy Cooper.


    "I was like a fish flopping around on dry land. I was like Nemo and I just wanted to go home." - Seth Cohen.

    "Do you want to play Grand Theft Auto? It's pretty cool. You can like, steal cars and ... Not that that's cool. Or uncool. I don't know ..." - Seth Cohen when he first meets Ryan Atwood.

    he loves you


    The O.C. - Season One DVD

    Season one introduced us all to the crazy peeps that call Orange County their home. Ryan moved in with the Cohens, Seth started dating Anna, then he started dating Summer, and then Anna and Summer at the same time! Not only do you get to relive the drama of the first season, you also get to catch deleted scenes, a tour of how they choose the music for the show, what goes on behind the scnes and a sneak peek at season two!
    The O.C. Season One DVD Rating:5



    The O.C. - Season Two DVD
    The second season of The O.C. was a little slow at the beginning. There was no crazy drama, everyone was on their way to being very happy. But, if there's anything you should know about Orange County, it's that nothing is ever as it seems. Season two definitely went on to rival the craziness of season one, with a finale so huge, peeps are still shocked about it! Grab your copy of season two today and watch it before season three hits a TV station near you. Oh, and there are some great extras that you won't see anywhere else - like an O.C. fashion guide and bloopers from both season one and two!
    The O.C. Season Two DVD Rating:5



    The O.C. - Season Three DVD
    Death, rehab, lingering comas and senior year - season three has all the drama you expect from The O.C. Toss in a few new characters, break-ups, hook-ups and a little mafia shake-downs into the mix and we're talking killer TV. But that's not all. The DVD also comes loaded with features including bloopers, The making of the Subways video, The Prom: From Script to Screen and way more.
    The O.C. Season Three DVD Rating:5


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Who's Your Fave O.C. Character?

  • Summer.
  • Ryan.
  • Marissa.
  • Seth.

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