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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch TV Show Facts

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch TV Show Facts - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Melissa Joan Hart is Sabrina, the half-witch, whose magic usually spells out disaster! Check out some bewitching facts about the sitcom, Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

On her 16th birthday, Sabrina found out that she's a witch - but she's only half-witch and that's why her magic usually spells out disaster! With the help of her quirky aunts, who are also witches, and a talking cat, Sabrina learns to balance friends, boyfriends, school and a whole lot of witchcraft. Check out some bewitching facts about Sabrina, the Teenage Witch!

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - Main Cast

  • Sabrina Spellman - Melissa Joan Hart
  • Aunt Hilda - Caroline Rhea
  • Aunt Zelda - Beth Broderick
  • Harvey Kinkle - Nate Richert
  • Josh - David Lascher
  • Morgan Cavanaugh - Elisa Donovan
  • Roxie King - Soleil Moon Frye
  • Salem Saberhagen - voice of Nick Bakay
  • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - Fun Facts

  • Sabrina Spellman is actually a comic book character - Archie Comics published the first Sabrina adventure in 1962 and she quickly became one of their most popular characters!
  • Every single witch on the show had a name ending in the letter 'a', including Sabrina, Hilda, Zelda, Dreama, Amanda and Sabrina's Great Aunt Irma.
  • Melissa Joan Hart sang the song, One Way or Another, on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: The Album.
  • Britney Spears guest starred on Sabrina after Melissa Joan Hart appeared in Britney's You Drive Me (Crazy) music video.
  • Melissa Joan Hart's husband, Mark Wilkerson, front man for the band Course of Nature, made a cameo appearance in 2002. They married in July of 2003 and starred in the ABC reality series, Tying the Knot: The Wedding of Melissa Joan Hart.
  • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch is produced by Hartbreak Films, the production company run by Melissa and her mother.
  • Melissa Joan Hart produced Sabrina the Animated Series, the spin-off to the sitcom. She was the voice of Hilda and Zelda, and her younger sis, Emily Hart, was the voice of Sabrina.
  • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - Quotes

    "Woohoo! I'm normal! Gotta go tell the cat." - Sabrina



    "I almost died right there, and all Sabrina did was point! - Morgan.
    "I promise that if something like this ever happens again, I will not point." - Sabrina

    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - Season One DVD

    When Sabrina is sent to live with her two aunts before her 16th birthday, she knows that her life is going to be turned upside down - but she doesn't quite realize how crazy things are really going to get. Suddenly she finds herself studying for a witch's license, casting spells and trying to balance life at high school with her new-found magical abilities. Pick up the first season of this show on DVD and get all 24 episodes!
    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - Season One DVD Rating:4

    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - Season Two DVD

    In season two, Sabrina is followed around by her Quizmaster, Albert, who is helping her study for her impending witch license test. Sabrina makes a new friend in Valerie, gets through a rocky time with her BF Harvey and, as always, she has Salem to throw in his two bits on every dilemma she finds herself in. Some episodes on the DVD have been edited from how they originally aired on TV - the biggest difference you'll notice is the different music used.
    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - Season Two DVD Rating:4

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