That '70s Show TV Show Facts

That '70s Show is a hilarious show about a group of teens who like to hang out in Eric's basement.
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That '70s Show TV Show Facts - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Groovy facts about That '70s Show and the actors, like Laura Prepon, Topher Grace & Ashton Kutcher, who make it so cool.

The hilarious retro sitcom, That '70s Show, brings us back to the days of 8-tracks, bell bottoms and platform shoes. Here's some info on the show and its cast!

That '70s Show - Main Cast

  • Eric - Topher Grace
  • Jackie - Mila Kunis
  • Kelso - Ashton Kutcher
  • Hyde - Danny Masterson
  • Donna - Laura Prepon
  • Fez - Wilmer Valderrama
  • Kitty - Debra Jo Rupp
  • Red - Kurtwood Smith

That '70s Show - Fun Facts

  • Some of the original alternative titles for the show were Teenage Wasteland, Feelin' Alright, The Kids are Alright and Reeling in the Years.
  • Wilmer Valderrama plays the character Fez, which stands for foreign exchange student. The show's writers have never spilled the beans about Fez's real name or even what country he's from.
  • Laura Prepon, who plays hippie chick Donna Pinciotti, is dating Christopher Masterson (Francis from Malcolm in the Middle). What's the connection? Christopher's brother is Danny Masterson, who plays Steven Hyde.
  • Wilmer Valderrama has dated both Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore.
  • Did you know that Ashton Kutcher shares something in common with ducks? Yup, Ashton's middle toes on his right foot are webbed - quack!
  • The theme song for That '70s Show is sung by the band Cheap Trick and is called That '70s Song!
  • Both Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher made their exit from the show in 2005.
  • Sorry all you loyal '70's Show fans but the series is taping its last episodes. It will not be returning in fall 2006. Everything good must come to an end - it's been running since 1998!

That '70s Show - Quotes

"This suit is for leisure. But many times I wear it to get down to business." - Fez.

That '70s Show - Season One DVD

The first season of That '70s Show is now out on DVD! It includes all 25 episodes from the first season, plus a trivia show and interviews from the cast.
That '70s Show Season One DVD Rating: 4

That '70s Show - Season Two DVD

If having your very own copy of That '70s Show second season isn't enough for you to sell you, then maybe all the extras will. Get a bunch of commentary from the director on why and how things were done and even check out some behind-the-scenes footage!
That '70s Show Season Two DVD Rating:4

That '70s Show - Season Three DVD

Kelso's dating Eric's sister Laurie, Jackie's pursuing Hyde and Fez has a new girl... who doesn't turn out as sweet as she appears. Season three is filled with lots of laughs once again. You can also look forward to commentary before each episode from several of the cast members!

That '70s Show Season Three DVD Rating:5

That '70s Show - Season Four DVD

Season four sees soulmates Donna and Eric break up after Donna gets freaked out by Eric's promise ring. The season features some hilarious episodes as Donna and Eric try and figure out how to "just be friends". During their time apart, Donna ends up dating Kelso's older brother, Casey, who is played by Luke Wilson! The season four DVD also includes features like A '70s Flashback, hosted by Laura Prepon and Mila Kunis!
That '70s Show Season Four DVD Rating:5

That '70s Show - Season Five DVD

After a year apart, Donna and Eric realize that they just can't live without each other. The season starts out with Eric heading out to California to win his girl back and the season then follows their bumpy ride back to being the power couple they were before. Also in season five, Hyde and Jackie become a real item, Jackie moves in with Donna, Hyde and Jackie break up and Donna and Eric plan to start their life together post-high school. It's a rocky real for most of the '70s gang but season five is definitely a good one. Also included in this DVD is a Season Five in Five Minutes featurette, a '70s Flashback with Wilmer Valderrama and Danny Masterson and some great '70s show promos.
That '70s Show Season Five DVD Rating:5

That '70s Show - Season Six DVD

Life gets a little complicated for the That '70s Show cast in season six with Red having a heart attack, Kelso becoming a dad and Fez facing deportation! Your fave laid-back crew handles all these obstacles with the same humor that they have in the past, making it another season of funniness! Check out interviews with Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp (Red and Kitty Foreman), a video montage of the season and commentary from director David Trainer!
That '70s Show Season Six DVD Rating:4

That '70s Show - Season Seven DVD

Season seven is that last season you will catch the whole gang together. Eric decides he needs a big life change and heads off to Africa at the end of the season. Jackie and Hyde's relationship is up in the air when she's offered a job in Chicago and Kelso and Fez move out into a place of their own. Catch guest appearances by Lindsay Lohan, Brooke Shields and Luke Wilson - plus featurettes like Behind the Polyester, a look at how the episdoes of the show are written!
That '70s Show Season Seven DVD Rating:4

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  • Jackie, cuz I'm really pretty and perky.
  • Donna, cuz I'm casual and comfortable with myself.
  • Hyde, cuz I'm way cool.
  • Kelso, cuz I'm good with the ladies.

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