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Sara Paxton Interview

She played Jesse McCartney's girlfriend on Summerland, a mean girl in the flick Sleepover and now she's got her own TV show on Discovery Kids. Sindy sat down with Sara Paxton and chatted about her show Darcy's Wild Life and her upcoming movie, Aquamarine. Read on to hear what she had to say!

Sindy: You've got a lot on your plate right now, starring in the show Darcy's Wild Life. Would you say it's harder or easier working on TV compared to movies?
Sara Paxton: They're both pretty challenging... I'd say it depends on the situation because working on Darcy's Wild Life seems really easy because it's like summer camp cuz all the kids get along so well. I mean we come to work, but we have to remember that we're working cuz we always have so much fun and we're always laughing. But it's really difficult cuz I'm away from my friends and family for five months out of the year.

Sindy: What do you enjoy most about working on Darcy's Wild Life?
Sara Paxton: Probably that myself and the whole cast and crew get along so well. I see these people every single day for five months and it's like they're my second family now. Also, we get to spend so much time around animals and so we get to play around with little puppies or kittens.

Sindy: Awww, that would be so cool. What's your favorite animal?
Sara Paxton: I don't think I have a favorite anything but I love it so much when we have all the cute animals like bunnies and kitties and hamsters.

Sindy: You also have some tracks on the show's soundtrack. Have you always wanted to pursue singing?
Sara Paxton: Yeah! I've been singing my whole life and I wanted to do singing and acting at the same time but acting just took off further than singing. And then I got the opportunity to sing on the soundtrack and now I have my own album coming out so I'm really excited about that.

Sindy: You also just finished filming the movie Aquamarine with Emma Roberts and JoJo. What can you tell us about that?
Sara Paxton: Aquamarine is about this mermaid who swims away from home because her dad is making her get married to this merman and she doesn't want to get married to him because she doesn't love him. So she winds up in this pool and Emma and JoJo find me there. And then it's kind of like Splash - I get rags and they keep me wet and they take me around and show me how to be on land. I fall in love with the lifeguard... It's really funny and it has it's sweet dramatic moments and I can't wait for it to come out. It's going to be in theaters in April 2006.

Sindy: Through your career you've had cameos on tons of hit shows. Do have a favorite that you've worked on?
Sara Paxton: I had a lot of fun working on Lizzie McGuire and I did a show called Action when I was younger and I got to play Jay Mohr's daughter and that was really fun cuz he's a really nice guy.

Sindy: You also worked on Summerland, right?
Sara Paxton: Yeah! Summerland was sooo much fun.

Sindy: What was it like working with Jesse McCartney?
Sara Paxton: Oh it was great, he was really nice. It was cool cuz I got to play his girlfriend and all my friends were jealous. It was really funny.

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