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Sindy's Blog - December 15, 2005

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December 15, 2005

I am so glad that school is over tomorrow! I have had way too much homework lately. It's like every where I turn my teachers are handing out essays and projects and books to read. It's crazy!

I do have a few things to tackle over the break but for the most part I'm just going to kick back and relax. Well, and get my Christmas shopping done. The malls are probably going to be crazy but I still haven't gotten my parents anything! Hopefully they have some cheap socks or something - a great dad gift!

Amy has been bugging me for a while to take her to see Santa next week too. My mom will be at work pretty much the whole time we're off so I guess I'll take her. She can be really annoying but I always loved seeing Santa when I was a kid so she should get to go too.

What are you guys going to be doing during your break? Are any of you going away on vacation or visiting family? My cousin arrives next Wednesday which will be a lot of fun. Maybe she'll drive us around places and buy us stuff. Fingers crossed.

Peace Out,


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