Kingdom Hearts II PS2 Game Cheats: Getting the Forms

These game cheats let you get all the Forms in Kingdom Hearts II for the PS2!
Courtesy of Square Enix

Kidzworld Member Sonic the Hedgehog10 has some crazy gaming skills! And, he wants to share his mojo with you so he's hooked Gary up with video game cheats for Kingdom Hearts II. These cheats have gone straight into Cheat Street, Kidzworld's home for cheats, codes, hints, tips, walkthroughs and more for your fave games. Now, check out these Kingdom Hearts II cheats!

Kingdom Hearts II: Getting all the Drive Forms!

In Kingdom Hearts II, Sora can power up in combat by combining with his allies into a powerful Drive Form. These forms give him boosted attacks, powerful combos and more. Here are the forms and how you can get them.
  • Valor Form - After being Roxas and you get to the part where you see Yen-Cid.
  • Wisdom Form - After completing Timeless River.
  • Master Form - After seeing King Mickey for the second time (not including Timeless River).
  • Final Form - This is the last form and you get it in the last level which is The World That Never Was.
  • Kingdom Hearts II: Getting Final Form Cheat

    Getting the Final Form isn't easy, here's the 411 on getting it from Sonic the Hedgehog10.

    "This is Sonic the Hedgehog10 and this is how you can get the Final Form. After the story event when Sora and Roxas fight in The World That Never Was, you get the opportunity to learn Final Form. The only way you can get Final Form is when you use Valor, Wisdom or Master Form in battle against either Bosses, Heartless or Nobodys. But, you learn the Final Form randomly, not right away. When you use Valor, Wisdom or Master Form in battle and you see Sora change into a black and silver uniform, that's Final Form and when it happens you learn it permanently so you can choose it from the list of Forms."

    "An easy way to get the Final Form is to enter the Fourth Underworld Tournament and keep changing into either Valor, Wisdom or Master Form. If Final Form doesn't appear, just hit Start and select Restart and use either Valor, Wisdom or Master Form again. Repeat this process until you get Final Form and when you get it, Quit out of the tournament. The only way to level up Final Form is to destroy Nobodys in battle. Also, you learn a cool new ability while in Final Form - GLIDE! Level up the Final Form to make Glide more effective."

    That's it for Kingdom Hearts II video game cheats and walkthroughs this week. But, stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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