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Magic: The Gathering: Lorwyn Set Review

Magic: The Gathering: Lorwyn Set Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Oct 18, 2007
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Add faerie magic and new planeswalker cards to your Magic: The Gathering duels with this new set. We review it!

The Magic: The Gathering card game of dueling wizards rebooted with a 10th Edition a little while ago - now they're spicing things up with faerie magic, powerful new planeswalker cards, plus the evoke, hideaway and tribal abilities in the new Lorwyn set. Check out how this set lets you clobber your opponent with spells and monsters with our Magic: The Gathering card game review.

What's New?

Lorwyn is packed with 301 cards and lots of new stuff. It starts with hordes of elves, goblins, elementals, merfolk and giants, then it gets weird. There are a bunch of new powers, including powerful planeswalkers you can summon to help you - as long as they stay loyal. Here's the 411 on what's new.

  • Evoke - Play a card as a creature with an effect, or play it for just the effect with a cheaper cost.
  • Tribal - Now even spell, enchantment, artifact and land cards can count as a type of creature. Great for activating "Show a goblin card" or "Search for an elf card" abilities.
  • Clash - You and your opponent flip the top card of your decks, the highest cost card wins the clash and earns you a bonus!
  • Champion - Power-up a creature by making it a champion with extra powers. Plus, if it gets blasted, the original creature returns!
  • Hideaway - These land you hide cards that you can activate for free if you do a special move.
  • Planeswalker - Summon one of five powerful wizards to assist you! Each has three abilities, one that increases their loyalty and two that reduce it to unleash powerful effects.

Theme Decks

If you don't want to get these new cards in the 16-card Booster Packs for $4, you can drop $9 on 40-card Theme Decks. These are ready to kick butt as soon as you open 'em and they're a great way to get a taste of what's in Lorwyn. Here's the scoop on each deck.

  • Boggart Feast - Unleash hordes of goblins on your opponent, burying them under a squealing pile of critters!
  • Elementals' Path - Use all five colors to summon fiery elementals, or use Evoke to activate their powers cheap.
  • Elvish Predation - Elves, elves, and more elves. Summon them, power them up and clobber your opponent!
  • Merrow Waterways - Harass your opponent with sneaky cards, strange abilities and wicked combos.
  • Kithkin Militia - Lead the brave kithkin soldiers to victory with teamwork, terrific defenses and a giant ally or two.

Magic or Mayhem?

Lorwyn is great! It's packed with cards and abilities that you can use to power-up decks you're already using. The new planeswalker cards are a bit weird, but can be a lot of fun. Once you figure out how all the new Lorwyn cards work, they're fantastic and even just a few packs can really power-up your Magic decks. Definitely grab some!

Set Rating: 5

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