Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Book Review

Aug 10, 2005

Harry Potter returns! There's murder, mayhem and more as the truth about Voldemort's power is uncovered in this new book.

Seven Wheels of Power Book Review

Aug 08, 2005

Follow the adventures of the Black Belt Club as they go on a secret mission to defeat the Death Master.

Tiger's Blood Book Review

Jul 23, 2005

Tiger spirits, shape-shifting dragons, giant rats, and these are the good guys! Find out about the magic of Tiger's Blood with our book review.

Best of Blume Box Set Book Reviews

Jul 11, 2005

If you're looking for some cool books to read this summer, you should check out the Best of Blume Box Set!

Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief Book Review

Jun 27, 2005

Move over, Nancy Drew becasue there's a new mystery-solver in town! And she has just witnessed a thief in action...

Edge Chronicles: The Curse of the Gloamglozer Book Review

Jun 20, 2005

A floating city, ancient secrets, sky pirates and gross monsters are lurking in this book. Is it a hit or a miss? Find out!

Whale Rider Book Review

Jun 13, 2005

It takes some pretty powerful words for a book to change your life. Find out if you'll find 'em in Witi Ihimaera's Whale Rider!

Arthur and the Minimoys Book Review

Jun 06, 2005

Arthur travels to the underground land of the Minimoys to find the hidden secrets of his long, lost grandfather.

Pass It On Book Review

May 16, 2005

Jonathan has everything going for him - great friends and a hot GF. But life turns messy when he has to keep a family secret and stop rumors from spreading!

Tiger Book Review

May 10, 2005

A young kung-fu master sets out on a quest to regain his temple's stolen secrets in the martial arts adventure, Tiger.

Knights of the Silver Dragon Books 1-3 Book Review

May 04, 2005

Three kids, one cursed town, lots of monsters, magic and mayhem. Are these novels hot or not? Here are our book reviews!

Star Sisterz: Carmen Dives In Book Review

Apr 27, 2005

Carmen has a new step-family, a new school and a computer telling her to make up a crazy cheer! What's a blogger to do?

Melanie in Manhattan Book Review

Apr 25, 2005

Melanie Martin's fourth diary by author Carol Weston transports you into her life in the big apple! Check out our review!

Girls in Pants :: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood Book Review

Apr 18, 2005

The girls are back - just in time for the release of their first movie. Read the review of the third Traveling Pants book here!

Last Shot Book Review

Apr 04, 2005

Two teenage sports reporters experience blackmail and basketball first hand in Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery.

Star Sisterz: Nova Rocks! Book Review

Mar 19, 2005

Too much ballet and no rock 'n roll is making Nova miserable. Can she find the courage to stand up for herself and rock out?

The Truth About Poop Book Review

Mar 14, 2005

From flushing to farting, find out everything you've ever wanted to know about your waste in The Truth About Poop.

Monsoon Summer Book Review

Mar 07, 2005

Author Mitali Perkins sends Jazz Gardner to India in her novel, Monsoon Summer. Check out Kidzworld's Review!

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness :: Wolf Brother Book Review

Feb 28, 2005

The first book in Michelle Paver's new series is now in stores and we have a review of it here! Get the 411 on Wolf Brother.

The Tiger's Apprentice :: Book One Book Review

Feb 21, 2005

An ordinary boy is suddenly thrown into a world of magic and monsters after his grandmother mysteriously dies.

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