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The Giver Book Review

The Giver Book Review

In a society where everything is equal, one boy learns the shocking truth about the past—a time when people loved, cried and had the freedom to choose... read more

Diary of a Wimpy Kid :: Rodrick Rules Book Review

Join wimpy kid Greg Heffley in another year of embarrassing events and hilarious cartoons. Check out the second Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rodrick Rules.... read more

How I Survived Middle School #1 :: Book Review

Check out Kidzworld’s review of Can You Get an F in Lunch?, the first book in the How I Survived Middle School series.... read more

Knights of the Lunch Table Graphic Novel Review

Artie learns that ruling the school has its consequences. Kidzworld reviews Knights of the Lunch Table, an exciting graphic novel by Frank Cammuso.... read more

Airhead Book Review

How does an average tomboy end up in the body of a famous teenage supermodel? Find out in Kidzworld’s review of Airhead by Meg Cabot.... read more

January 2009 Book Buzz

The New Year is starting off right with an amazing line up of highly-anticipated books. Check out Kidzworld’s January 2009 Book Buzz.... read more

Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles Books 1 & 2 Book Reviews

The Spiderwick Chronicles is back with a wicked adventure that goes far “Beyond” the original series. Check out Kidzworld’s review of The Nixie’s Song... read more

The Edge Chronicles :: Midnight Over Sanctaphrax Book Review

Sky pirate Twig must search for his missing crew members and save the Edge from the Mother Storm. Check out Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, the thrilling t... read more

A Knight's City Book Review

Dive into Medieval times with the fun pictures, easy-to-follow descriptions and amazing pop-ups inside A Knight’s City. ... read more

The City of Ember Book Review

The underground city of Ember is facing a blackout. Can two brave kids find the escape route before the entire city is plunged in darkness? Check out ... read more

A Great and Terrible Beauty Book Review

At Spence Academy, Gemma learns that life exists beyond our world, life in a magical realm. Don’t miss A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. ... read more

Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope :: Book Review

Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope by Nikki Grimes is a beautifully illustrated picture book about Barack Obama’s life.... read more

Very Serious Children Book Review

Life on the road with a traveling circus isn’t as fun as it sounds. Especially for very serious children like Nicky and Saggy. Check out this review o... read more

Graceling Book Review

Katsa is a Graced killer who works for the King, torturing those who’ve wronged him. But when Katsa meets Po, her life is forever changed. Check out G... read more

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Review

Check out Kidzworld’s review of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the hilarious bestselling book by Jeff Kinney. ... read more

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-Gwen9-- posted in Debating:
Kidzworld hired these mods for a reason! They are hear to protect us! You may think they are too strict but, honestly they are trying to keep us safe! Its their jobs! 
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AlphaT posted in Debating:
Are you referring to actual mods or are you including Jr. Mods? In either case... Some mods are too strict, others are too lax, some mods are lax to specific people, some mods are strict against certain people they don't like, etc.  It all depends on the mod. But yes, there are KW mods which are too strict. 
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"shae508" wrote: "David_Teh_Derp" wrote: There really is nothing wrong with it and I totally allow it, but it's a bit unpleasant seeing two guys kiss romantically at a very posh dinner / tea party. So I recommend homosexual people to not do it in public, and just go with the flow for the time being, but they can do it in private or at their own parties, especially if there are many other gay people. then I sure hope that straight people follow the same rules then. Since. Seeing anybody make-out in a public place is gross and not just gay people.  I think this is what it looks like when someone takes the "I don't like it, but go ahead" position. 
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-Gwen9-- posted in General:
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Who is the main character in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye?
  • J.D. Salinger is the main character, it's autobiographical.
  • Holden Caulfield is the main character.
  • The main character goes by the name The Great Gatsby.
  • Justin Bieber is the main character.