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Britney Spears

Britney Spears Biography

No doubt, Britney Spears has had a crazy life. She got married young, had two kids and then got divorced. Then she went a bit "cuckoo," but now things... read more

Drake Bell Biography

This kid from the OC has worked with Amanda Bynes, stars in Nick's Drake and Josh and has an album coming out! Check out our Drake B... read more

Celebrity Recap - March 2005

Katie and Chris have called it quits but Orlando and Kate are giving love another shot. More celebrity gossip from March 2005 rig... read more

Degrassi's Cassie Steele Interview

Cassie Steele stars as Manny Santos on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Find out about the show, her new CD and more!... read more

Michelle Trachtenberg Interview

Michelle Trachtenberg, star of the Disney flick, Ice Princess, stopped by to chat with Sindy. Find out what she had to say!... read more

Jesse McCartney Interview

Blond hottie, Jesse McCartney, drops by Kidzworld to chat about his CD, Beautiful Soul, and his hit show Summerland. Read this wicked interview to fin... read more

Celebrity Recap - February 2005

Paris Hilton's cell phone gets hacked and Posh and Becks have a baby boy! Get your February 2005 celebrity gossip here!... read more

Jesse McCartney Biography

Jesse McCartney stars on Summerland and just released his solo debut album. Find out more about him!... read more

Kelly Clarkson Biography

Before she became the very first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson was waiting tables at a bar in Texas. Find out more about this singing sensation!... read more

Fame - It's Who You Know

Stars like Paris Hilton and Ashlee Simpson became famous with a little help from their last names. Find out who else got to take the eas... read more

Celebrity Recap - January 2005

Brad and Jen have called it quits and so have Orlando and Kate. Get all your celebrity gossip for January 2005 right here!... read more

Celebrity Workouts - How Stars Get In Shape!

Jessica Simpson has buffed up for her latest role and Usher has always rocked the washboard abs! How do they do it?... read more

Bethany Joy Lenz Interview

Bethany Joy Lenz who plays Haley James on One Tree Hill drops by Kidzworld to talk about One Tree Hill, her singing career and more.... read more

Jennifer Garner Biography

She has tough-girl roles in Alias and Elektra and is the sweetest girl in Hollywood. Check out our Jennifer Garner biography!... read more

Bruce Greenwood Interview

Canadian actor, Bruce Greenwood, has starred in a ton of flicks, like I, Robot and Rules of Engagement. Now, he's starring in ... read more

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So this guy walks into the doctor's and says "Doctor, it hurts when I poke my leg like this." The doctor says "Yes, you've shattered both your kneecaps. You'll never walk again."  A white guy, a black guy, and a spanish guy jump off a building. They all die on impact and their families mourn their loss for years to come. Today I decided to burn alot of calories. So I found a fat kid and lit him on fire.
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anybody7 posted in Movies:
Maleficent. Better acting, storyline, plot development, and more original.
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Ice-heart posted in Movies:
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Ice-heart posted in Movies:
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