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Naruto: Ninja Destiny :: Voice Actor Interview

Get behind the scenes of Naruto: Ninja Destiny with the voice actors for Naruto, Sasuke, Rock Lee and Sakura!... read more

Free Wii, Street Fighter, Guitar Hero, Star Wars and More!

We have the scoop on a Free Wii, Street Fighter, Star Wars, Kung Fu Panda, MapleStory and a Guitar Hero World Ch... read more

Kung Fu Panda :: Video Game Preview

Ready to kick butt as Po the pudgy panda? Check out our Kung Fu Panda game preview for the scoop on the action!... read more

Free Wii, Star Wars, Hulk, Kung- Fu Panda and Iron Man Trailer

Get the scoop on a free Wii and previews for Star Wars, the Hulk and Kung-Fu Panda. Plus, a new Iron Man video!... read more

Free Wii, Star Wars, Smash Bros and Cheerleading Video Game!

Get the scoop on a free Wii, Star Wars previews, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the first ever Cheerleading video game!... read more

Free Wii, LEGO Universe, Star Wars Preview and Puzzle Quest

Get the scoop on a free Wii, the LEGO Universe game, Puzzle Quest in space and an exclusive Star Wars preview!... read more

Star Wars Miniatures: Legacy of the Force Set Previews

The Star Wars comics and novels come to life with the new Legacy of the Force set! We preview the new figs here.... read more

Free Wii, Spiderwick, Sonic on DS and Hello Kitty Online!

We have the 411 on winning a Wii, Sonic on DS, Spiderwick and Hello Kitty’s online adventures. Get the game news he... read more

Spore, Spiderwick, Africa, a Free Wii and Online Board Games!

Get the scoop on a free Wii, Spore and more from EA, a fairy puzzle and taking pictures in the wilds of Africa! It’s all h... read more

Wild Earth: African Safari :: Wii Game Preview

Grab a camera and hit the wilds of Africa to take pictures of the world’s coolest animals in this new video game for the Wiiread more

MapleStory iTCG :: OMG Bosses! Preview

Check out the bosses and beasts in the new OMG Bosses! set for the MapleStory card game. We preview it here!... read more

Spiderwick, WoW, BOOM BLOX, Yu-Gi-Oh! Win a Wii!

Want the 411 on a Spiderwick puzzle, a new WoW game, BOOM BLOX and Yu-Gi-Oh!? How about a chance to win a Wii? It's... read more

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reply 17 minutes
yah well it tastes better on the bottom an thats the end of my better butter banter so there!  Xp u failed to mention that u dropped it on the floor before u ate it I made tea to go with my toast
reply 22 minutes
you failed to mention that you put the butter on the bottom side   I ate a pizza
reply 35 minutes
u failed to mention he slapped u back twice as hard I made some more toast
reply about 1 hour

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