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MapleStory Card Game Questions & Answers

Gary chats with the people making the MapleStory card game to bring you the facts. Check out the questions and answers!... read more

Naruto: Path of the Ninja :: DS Game Preview

Get the scoop on the upcoming Naruto action game for the Nintendo DS with these preview pics, videos and info!... read more

Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution :: Wii Game Preview

Get the scoop on the upcoming Naruto fighting game for the Nintendo Wii with these preview pics, videos and info!... read more

Horse Life :: DS Game Preview

Raise, care for and ride your own virtual horse with the Horse Life video game for Nintendo DS! Check out the exclusive previe... read more

Folklore :: PS3 Game Preview

Journey to the Netherworld in Sony’s fairy tale Folklore video game for the PS3. Check out the exclusive preview pictures ... read more

The Simpsons Video Game Preview

Get the scoop on the levels, the powers, the laughs and more of EA’s The Simpsons Game with our video game preview!... read more

Pokemon Cards, EA Party, Simpsons & Healthy Games

More Pokemon cards, EA had a huge video game party, The Simpsons game is coming and games are healthy!... read more

EA Studio Showcase 07 Video Game Previews!

EA threw a party to show off their newest games! Get the scoop on The Simpsons, MySims, skate, Orcs & Elves ... read more

Namco Museum Remix and LEGO Star Wars Previews

Check out these previews of LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga and Namco Museum Remix for Wii and DS!... read more

Golden Compass, Spider-Man, The Bee Movie and More!

Check out our Golden Compass interview, plus previews of Spider-Man: Friend or Foe and The Bee Movie! It’s all here.... read more

Golden Compass Video Game Questions & Answers

Gary chats with the people making the Golden Compass video game. Check out the questions & answers here!... read more

Previews of Star Wars and Katamari on Xbox 360!

We have previews of Star Wars PocketModel: Ground Forces, Katamari on Xbox 360, Soul Calibur and more!... read more

Star Wars PocketModel: Ground Forces Game Preview

Get a sneak peek at the cool troops in the upcoming Star Wars PocketModel: Ground Forces game from WizKids!... read more

Xbox 360 Price Drop, Pokemon, and MapleStory

We have the news on an Xbox 360 price drop, Pokemon board game, MapleStory card game and Viva Pinata for DS!... read more

Pokemon, Starcraft II, Hackers, skate and Naruto Previews

Get the 411 on Pokemon, Starcraft II, busted Wii hackers, EA’s skate and exclusive previews of new Naruto games!... read more

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Im 12 years old and I have played Left 4 Dead number 1 and 2 and I have played Hitman and I do say myself I am great at them!! But on the other hand my best friend is great at  Video games to so I would say both because he i a guy and I'm a girl so yeah
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Since less females are into the gaming world, it explains why most of the top gamers are males. However, with people like Tamishi Hiroka, I don't see why there would be a difference.
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MaDaRaHeCk posted in Board Games:
Music are you  single or taken
reply about 2 hours
Coffee  Music or Dance?
reply about 3 hours

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