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Spyborgs Exclusive Character Profile - Clandestine

Check out this exclusive character profile from the upcoming game, Spyborgs!... read more

Astro Boy Storms The Game World

Chances are you’ve heard of a Japanese Manga character named Astro Boy. He was part of a TV series back in the 80s and is really popular in the world ... read more

Madden, Singstar Queen, and Spectrobes Origins

Keep up-to-date with all the latest video game releases! Kidzworld has all the latest games to keep watch for. This week, we preview the new Madden, S... read more

Guitar Hero 5: 85 Epic Songs

Welcome to the new generation Guitar Hero. With 85 current and classic hit songs, Guitar Hero 5 is unlike any other version you’ve ever played. ... read more

Band Hero’s Join The Band Sweepstakes

Band Hero wants all video game and music fans to visit www.bandhero.com and immortalize yourself in a tribute to the newest game in the Band Hero fami... read more

Spore Galactic Adventures Spawns 100,000 User-Created Adventures

It’s only been a month since the launch of Spore Galactic Adventures and already EA’s Maxis studio has hit more than 100,000 user-created adventures!... read more

Active Life, Fossil Fighters, and Hearts of Iron 3

Keep up-to-date with all the latest video game releases! Kidzworld has all the latest games to keep watch for. This week, we preview Active Life: Extr... read more

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Game Q&A :: Kul Teska

Check out the second in our series of exclusive interviews with makers of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, set to be released on October 6, ... read more

Scooby Doo! First Frights :: Exclusive KW Character Reveal

Only Kidzworld can bring you this exclusive sneak peek at a character from the highly anticipated and soon-to-be-launched video game Scooby Doo! First... read more

Taylor Swift: Band Heroine

Like many other musicians Taylor Swift – 2008’s bestselling artist – is jumping on the bandwagon this November and starring in a new Band Hero video g... read more

The Secret Saturdays: Beasts Of The 5th Sun Preview

As if the Cartoon Network’s Secret Saturdays couldn’t get any better! D3Publisher is getting ready to release The Secret Saturdays: Beasts Of The 5th ... read more

Comic-Con D3 Publisher Photo-Booth

Comic-Con 2009 was a huge hit this year especially with great booths like the D3 Publisher Photo-Booth. Check out some of the fantastic photos from th... read more

PlayStation Network: Transformers & More

The complete 1st Season 25th Anniversary Edition of one of the most-popular cartoon series ever – Transformers – is now available on PlayStation Netwo... read more

Girls' Games From EA

Electronic Arts – the video game giant – is launching a bunch of new games just for girls in fall 2009.... read more

Christmas In July

Put away your bikini and get ready to stuff some stockings with our holiday gift guide for the gamers in your life – from grade school to girls to gra... read more

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Yes! I do and I'm addicted [s:p/zqh]  tpbm: is addicted to junk food
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Abbergrl posted in Forum Games:
Banned because I haven't banned anyone in days
reply about 12 hours
Banned because the mods put the wrong age on my profile. 
reply about 19 hours
"Arenl" wrote: What's illuminati ? "Illuminati" is a shade of purple. It's commonly called "mauve", but that is simply the nickname given to it by boring people because "Illuminati" doesn't sound fancy enough for such a stunning colour. Why do people think Harambe memes are still funny?
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