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Duel Masters: Thrash of the Hybrid Megacreatures Review

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Quickstrike Card Game Review

Join Captain Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean in action-packed card game duels! We review the game here.... read more

Shonen Jump's Naruto CCG: Coils of the Snake Set Review

We review the first expansion set for Shonen Jump's ninja-packed Naruto card game - Coils of the Snake. Check it out!... read more

Magic: The Gathering: Time Spiral Expansion Set Review

Magic's Time Spiral set warps duels with cards from old sets and weird new powers! We review the cards & decksread more

Neopets Card Game: The Haunted Woods Set Review

The Neopets card game just got spooky with The Haunted Woods expansion! We review the creepy new cards here.... read more

Pokemon Card Game: EX Crystal Guardians Set Review

The new Pokemon card game set, EX Crystal Guardians, is here! We review the new cards and Theme Decks here.... read more

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game: Power of the Duelist Set Review

The Power of the Duelist set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game is full of aliens, dinosaurs and heroes! Here's our rev... read more

Duel Masters: Blastosplosion of Gigantic Rage Set Review

Crazy plants, multicolored spells, huge monsters and more lurk in the new Duel Masters card game set. We review it here!... read more

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Lord of the Storm Structure Deck Review

The Harpy Lady Sisters lead the charge in this new Yu-Gi-Oh! deck. We review the cards and strategies right here!... read more

Magic: The Gathering: Coldsnap Expansion Set Review

The Coldsnap expansion for the Magic card game adds the power of frost and ice to your duels! We review the cards &... read more

Magic: The Gathering: Coldsnap Theme Deck Reviews

We review the frosty new Theme Decks for the Magic: The Gathering card game Coldsnap expansion set here!... read more

Pokemon TCG: EX Holon Phantoms Set Review

The legendary Latios and Latias are in the EX Holon Phantoms set for the Pokemon card game. We review it all here.... read more

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Quickstrike Card Game Review

Duel with elemental martial arts in the anime-based Avatar card game! We have a review and the 411 on Quickstrike!... read more

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So what's your point?
reply about 11 hours
I would have a mega charizard.
reply about 13 hours
You know what's funny. That your looking to make a video game, and you come to an underage kids website. That's more funny than the facebook ad, to be honest ;-;
reply 1 day
Hey, I'm going to start a development group for a possible video game I'd like to help develop. The project code name is Ivolve. It is going to be a 3D environment simulator. It is a relatively big commitment, so if your interested, you can reply to this post AFTER 21 JANUARY (AEDT). There are several position available. Music Engineer Programmer Graphic Designer Head of programming Bug tester Public relations manager Legal advisor More roles to come. We will communicate through Slack and once you have joined, I'll give you instructions on how to get onto Slack. Thanks, P.S it's pretty funny that I'm underage an this is a kids social network yet there is always a Facebook ad at the top of my screen.
reply 1 day
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