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What are some of your favorite video games?

The Game Room #2: Die Hard, Crash Bandicoot and Mario

Kidzworld games editor, Rory, shares 3 more of his favorite video games in the latest episode of The Game Room. What are some of your favorite video g... read more
Nov 27, 2015 | 7 comments
We're playing Ori And The Blind Forest, live on Twitch!

Kidzworld Live: Let's Play Ori And The Blind Forest

Watch over 2 hours of beautiful gameplay from Ori And The Blind Forest, a 2015 Game Of The Year contender! ... read more
Nov 25, 2015 | 5 comments
Watch Kidzworld decimate the other team in all out war for the skies!

Kidzworld Flew The Millennium Falcon!

Watch Kidzworld pilot the Millenium Falcon for an entire match of Fighter Squadron, the epic flight combat mode in the new Star Wars: Battlefront. ... read more
Nov 23, 2015 | 5 comments
It's Star Wars time! Check out Kidzworld's live stream, every Saturday!

Kidzworld Live: Let's Play Star Wars Battlefront

Update: The live stream has ended! But you can watch the archived stream right here!... read more
Nov 19, 2015 | 8 comments
Kidzworld's list of great PS4 gifts for the holidays is here!

Great Gifts For PlayStation Fans This Holiday

Time to get those Christmas lists in order! Kidzworld has highlighted a few items to help make shopping for the PlayStation fan in your family easier.... read more
Nov 25, 2015 | 3 comments
Kidzworld has made shopping for the Xbox fan easy, check it out!

Great Gifts For Xbox Fans This Holiday

Looking for the perfect game to get for that Xbox fan in your family? Kidzworld is here to help!... read more
Nov 24, 2015 | 2 comments
Kidzworld is live streaming Rise Of The Tomb Raider all day long!

Kidzworld Live: Let's Play Rise Of The Tomb Raider

UPDATED: Live stream is over but you can watch the full recording of it right here! Rise Of The Tomb Raider is awesome.... read more
Nov 09, 2015 | 9 comments
Come check out Yoshi's latest adventure with us on Twitch!

Kidzworld Live: Let's Play Yoshi's Woolly World

Update: The stream is over! But you can watch the archived Yoshi's Woolly World stream right here! ... read more
Nov 05, 2015 | 6 comments
Halo isn't going anywhere. Read about Halo 5: Guardians big launch day, here!

Halo 5: Guardians Has Biggest Launch in Franchise History

And you thought Halo's popularity was fading... Read all the details on Halo 5's massive launch week, right here!... read more
Nov 04, 2015 | 7 comments
Kidzworld is on Twitch every Saturday! Come check us out!

Video Game Live Streams Every Saturday On Twitch!

Kidzworld will be live streaming every Saturday morning, playing video games and interacting with viewers on Twitch! Find out all the details here!... read more
Nov 03, 2015 | 7 comments
Come watch us live stream Mario Maker on twitch!

Super Mario Maker Live Stream!

Missed our first live stream? No worries! We have the archived stream embedded here for you to catch up on! ... read more
Oct 30, 2015 | 12 comments
Catch up on PS4's biggest games, here on Kidzworld!

Sony's Biggest Announcements From Paris Games Week

Sony had a big presence at this year's Paris Games Week. Catch up on all the new info, right here at Kidzworld!... read more
Oct 30, 2015 | 2 comments
Nintendo goes mobile and it may not be what you think. Read about it here!

Nintendo's First Mobile Game Revealed

And it may not be what you expected... Kidzworld's got the details, right here!... read more
Oct 29, 2015 | 13 comments
Check out the first episode of our new video series!

The Game Room: Episode #1

NEW VIDEO SERIES! Kidzworld goes over some must-play video games ranging from early classics to modern masterpieces! Check it out!... read more
Oct 17, 2015 | 14 comments
Sega used to go toe-to-toe with Nintendo, so what happened?

What Happened To Sega?

Sega used to be a top tier developer and serious competitor within the console market. Where did they go wrong? And could it have been avoided? ... read more

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drowning posted in Forum Games:
I'd rather just die, but I suppose ketchup since I can not stand mustard in the slightest. >> Would you rather live forever or pass on just to know the truth of what exists after death?
reply about 2 hours
CobaltBlue posted in Forum Games:
Trust closest friend. And even if it was a big secret, it still wouldn't be my biggest secret.Would you rather drink a whole bottle of mustard or ketchup?
reply about 3 hours
As a Ruby PHOENIX, I am offended by your spelling error. Dragon. 
reply about 4 hours
A phoinex
reply about 5 hours
Which monster is the main bad guy in The Legend of Zelda series?
  • Ganon
  • Locust
  • Ridely
  • Bowser

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