Quiz the Coach - Wheelchair Sports

Aug 28, 2004

I would like to get fit and stay fit but I'm in a wheelchair.Are there any sports or exercises that I could do?

Quiz the Coach - US Men's Olympic Basketball Team

Aug 23, 2004

Will the United States men's basketball team be able to win the gold medal at the Summer Olympics?

Will Skateboarding Help Me Meet Girls?

Aug 14, 2004

I am okay at skateboarding but I can't land an ollie. My brother always lands ollies and he has a ton of hot chicks.

Quiz the Coach - My Teammates Never Pass!

Aug 02, 2004

When I play with players that I'm not used to playing with, I never get the ball and it frustrates me.

Quiz the Coach - Traveling Baseball

Jul 26, 2004

I was invited to try out for a traveling baseball team but I think it will be different than league ball. Should I try out?

Quiz the Coach - Curveballs and Change-Ups

Jul 05, 2004

I only know how to throw two pitches - a fastball and a knuckler. Can you tell me how to throw some other pitches?

Quiz the Coach - Will Running Help My Motocross Racing?

Jun 21, 2004

I race motorcross and I also run track. Will running track help me become a better motocross rider?

Quiz the Coach - Am I The Next Iverson Or The Next Manning?

Jun 14, 2004

I'm a great basketball player and football player. Should I become the next Iverson or a great quarterback?

Breaking Boards

Jun 08, 2004

Ever wondered how a martial arts master breaks boards with their bare hands? Kidzworld has the secrets right here.

Quiz the Coach - I Need to Get Quicker!

Jun 07, 2004

I'm a defensive end and I need to get quicker before next fall when football season starts, do you any suggestions?

Quiz the Coach - How Can I Get Stronger In The Post?

May 29, 2004

I'm 5'10 in the 7th grade and should be a dominant force in the post, but instead I am one of the best 3-point shooters.

Quiz the Coach - How Do You Turn a Triple Play?

May 25, 2004

How do I make a triple play in softball? I've made a double play but I want to make a triple play?

Quiz the Coach - What's Up with A-Rod and Jeter?

May 17, 2004

What's wrong with Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter? They both seem to be really sucking this year.

What's Wrong With Dodge Ball?

May 11, 2004

Look out! Your school may be trying to get rid of dodge ball from P.E. class. Some teachers think that hitting each other with balls is too dangerous.

Quiz the Coach - I Don't Like To Swim With My Period

May 03, 2004

Sometimes when we swim at school, I'll have my period and not want to swim. What should I do?

Quiz the Coach - Who's Better? A-Rod or Jeter?

Apr 27, 2004

Who does the Coach think is a better all around baseball player, Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter?

Quiz the Coach - Kids Laugh At Me When I Shoot!

Apr 23, 2004

One day I played basketball with other kids at school but every time I shot the ball they yelled nonsense at me and laughed.

Quiz the Coach - Should I Be Lifting?

Apr 13, 2004

I have started weightlifting and found the next day that my arm and shoulder joints are hurting. Should I be lifting?

Quiz the Coach - I Need Help With My Pitching!

Mar 29, 2004

I am an excellent fastpitch player but my one weakness is throwing. What can I do to help my accuracy?

Quiz the Coach - I'm A Girl On The Boy's Soccer Team

Mar 15, 2004

I'm a girl and I've just made the Varsity Boys soccer team but whenever we play another school I hear hurtful remarks.

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