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Quiz The Coach

Hey kids - got questions about fitness, gym class, injuries, pro athletes or anything else that's related to sports? Quiz the Coach - he's got answers to all your questions - on and off the field, court, rink and skate park!

Remember Kids: Coach gets a load of letters every day so it may take a while to reply to yours. Keep checking back for his reply, or watch for answered Coach questions that are similar to your own.

The Pain Formula


Find out what causes more pain - being hit by a Pedro Martinez fastball, a slapshot from Mario Lemieux or a serve from Venus Williams. Check out these causes and reasons for painful sports injuries.

Read the Advice! The Pain Formula

Quiz the Coach - I Want To Play Second Base!


Quiz the coach helps teens and tweens with sports and fitness related issues and problems like obesity, healthy eating questions, skateboard tricks and softball tips.

Human Growth Hormone


Human Growth Hormone has been used by many athletes to boost their performance. Find out more about HGH and its side effects right here. Find info for kids and teens on the dangers and health risks of Human Growth Hormone.

Read the Advice! Human Growth Hormone

Quiz the Coach - I Can't Long Jump Very Far


Quiz the Coach for free coaching tips, sports and fitness advice, track and field drills and other health stuff for kids.

Learning Ballroom Dancing

Learning Ballroom Dancing  

Looking for a new way to get some exercise? The show Dancing With The Stars proves that you can stay in shape and have fun by learning the sport - yes, sport - of ballroom dancing.

Read the Advice! Learning Ballroom Dancing

Quiz the Coach :: Safe Swimming


The best way to keep cool during the hot summer months is to go for a refeshing swim. Check out the Coachs swimming safety tips.

Quiz the Coach - I Went Swimming With My Period


Quiz the coach helps teens and kids with sports and fitness questions, as well as exercise tips, health advice and fitness help.

Horseback Riding


Horseback riding involves more than just sitting on a horse and hanging on tight. Find out more about how horseback riding can keep you fit and healthy. Check out info on the classes, lessons and the physical benefits of horseback riding and equestrian.

Read the Advice! Horseback Riding

Quiz the Coach - I Have To Go To Soccer Camp


Quiz the coach helps teen and tweens with sports and fitness related issues and problems like obesity, soccer tips and drills, skateboard tricks and P.E. dilemnas.

Summer Sports Camps


Check out this look at summer sports camps for kids and youth. Story also has links to kids summer camps in soccer, basketball, gymnastics, cheerleading, volleyball and skateboarding.

Read the Advice! Summer Sports Camps

Quiz the Coach - How Do I Play Against Tall Guys


Quiz the coach helps teens and kids with sports and fitness questions, as well as exercise tips and basketball drills.

Your Worst Sports Injuries


From wipeouts in the halfpipe to collisions on dirtbikes, Kidzworld members share stories of their worst sports injuries. Check out these stories and pictures of extreme sports injuries from kids and teens.

Read the Advice! Your Worst Sports Injuries

USA Tennis Month


May is Tennis Month so start raisin a racket and smashin some balls. Its an easy sport to learn and a great way to stay in shape. If you start now, you can even learn to play for free.

Read the Advice! USA Tennis Month

Quiz the Coach - Track Season is Coming


Quiz the coach helps teen and tweens with sports and fitness related issues and problems like obesity or healthy eating habits. The coach also gives great tips and advice on Cheerleading, skateboard tricks and P.E. dilemmas.

Gymnastics 101


Its one of the worlds oldest sports that tests strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Kidzworld has the 411 on gymnastics.

Read the Advice! Gymnastics 101

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