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Hey kids - got questions about fitness, gym class, injuries, pro athletes or anything else that's related to sports? Quiz the Coach - he's got answers to all your questions - on and off the field, court, rink and skate park!

Remember Kids: Coach gets a load of letters every day so it may take a while to reply to yours. Keep checking back for his reply, or watch for answered Coach questions that are similar to your own.

Baseball Tips from the Pros


Kidzworld's got some baseball tips from the pros. Improve your batting average by using this advice and practicing these drills!

Quiz the Coach - I Can't Catch!


The Kidzworld Coach has all your sports and fitness advice. This week we teach you how to catch a football.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Abs


Kdzworld offers kids fitness advice on how to easily improve your abs. We give your tips on working out.

Get in Fighting Shape with Fit Girl DVDs


You spend enough time juggling school, friends, and family stuff to worry about going to the gym. What's a health-conscious girl to do? We're taking a look at an exercise DVD series that claims to have some answers.

Quiz the Coach - I Hate Hazing!


Kidzworld's got some free sports and fitness advice on hazing in high school sports.

Cross Country Running


Kidzworld looks at the fall sport cross country running. We give you tips and advice on how to get involved with the sport.

Read the Advice! Cross Country Running

Quiz the Coach - How do I Improve my 40?


The Kidzworld Coach has all the answers for all your sports related questions. This week he tells you how to improve your 40-yeard dash time for football.

Quiz the Coach - I Can't Serve!


Kidzworld's got some free sports and fitness advice on sports like tennis.

Quiz the Coach - I Want to Skateboard!


Kidzworld's got some free sports and fitness advice on sports like skateboarding.

Quiz the Coach - I Made the Cheerleading Squad!


Kidzworld's got some free sports and fitness advice on sports like cheerleading. - Page 1

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Quiz! Which O.C. Character Are You?

What is your fave thing to do after school?
  • I have an after school job.
  • I like to skateboard or play video games.
  • I like to go to the mall and shop 'til I drop!
  • I am in a ton of groups at school: social club, cheerleading, debate team, etc. - so there is always a meeting to attend.

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