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Internet Friends

Lots of teens think the net is a great way to meet people. If you think you "know" your net buddies, think again. They may be lying their butts' off a...read more

Dear Dish-It, My Boyfriend Is Gay

Balancing school, dating and your friends can be quite a chore on a good day, but if your hottie has his sights set elsewhere... like another guy. Wha...read more

Dear Dish-It, My Dad's Yelling Scares Me

I just have a lot of problems this year. Anyways, my parents have been fighting and my brother's getting in fights with my dad. How would I tell my da...read more

Q & A with Legend Grandmaster Flash

Meet hip-hop's DJ pioneer Grandmaster Flash. You may not know of him but you should. He helped shape hip-hop and DJing into the music it is today. Wit...read more
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Interview - Miss Teen USA, Marissa Whitley

Few peeps in this world have brains and beauty - but Marissa Whitley, Miss Teen USA 2001, does have both. Kidzworld chats with Marissa about her life,...read more
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DJ/Producer Sasha Interview

Electronica is evolving every year and Sasha is one of the hottest DJs involved in the evolution. You may be familiar with Sasha & Digweed, or his Mad...read more

Dear Dish-It, Why Do I Feel Out of Control?

I'm in 7th grade and I don't know what subjects I should take next year. It's almost time to choose at my school. Got any advice?...read more
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Dear Dish-It, Why Do I Feel Out of Control? (pg. 2)

My parents are splitting up and I feel like I have no control anymore. Why?...read more

Dear Dish-It, Why Hasn't He Made His Move?

I like a boy and he likes me too but he's not asking me out, even though I know about his feelings! What's his problem?...read more

Oliver James Interview

Wanna know more about Oliver James? Sindy did - so she snagged an interview with the hottie from What a Girl Wants....read more
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Dear Dish-It, I Want to Get Plastic Surgery

I'm really self-conscious of my ears and I'm thinking about plastic surgery but I don't know how to tell my dad. Help!...read more

Dear Dish-It, My Boyfriend Says I Study Too Much

My BF is trippin' because I hang out with my friends after school to study. He says it takes up too much of my time....read more

Bow Wow Unleashed Interview

Bow Wow chilled with Sindy and she asked him your questions! Find out about Bow Wow's new album, Unleashed, his love life and more!...read more
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Billy Talent Interview

Sindy scored a personal interview with Billy Talent's lead singer, Ben Kowalewicz. Get all the Billy Talent details right here!...read more
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Dear Dish-It, I Found My Brother's Cigarettes

I saw some cigarettes in my bro's car and I don't know if he's smoking them and I don't know how to tell my parents....read more

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Free Stuff News!

Find out how to get free Pokemon prizes from Nintendo for the Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen video games for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance!...read more

Disney's ToonTown Online - PC Game Review

Disney's ToonTown Online - PC Game Review

Toons are invading the net and they want you to join them to help fend off the evil Cogs! Here's the 411 on Toontown.com...read more