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Matt starred in the cheerleading show Hellcats

Matt Barr Bio

Fans of the cheerleading show Hellcats will recognize Matt Barr, the steamy hunk who plays Dan Patch. How did he land this role? Read Matt’s Kidzworld... read more
Hello Stomach!

Quiz the Coach :: Flexibility Fast?

No one gets flexible fast. Increasing your flexibility is one of those amazing things in life that takes patience and dedication. The reward is always... read more

Cheerleading Tips

So your dream is to become a pom-pom queen but you've got no clue how to make the team? Check out Kidzworld's cheerleading tips.... read more

Touchdown Dances and Celebrations

The NFL has decided to crack down on touchdown celebrations. Here's a look at fome of the best TD dances from years past.... read more

Cheerleading Shoes

Look good and feel comfortable during your cheer routines. Kidzworld checks out the best cheerleading footwear.... read more

Quiz The Coach - I'm Afraid Of Falling

I am a cheerleader and I find it really scary when I am up on top of my bases. Can you tell me some tips on how not to be scared?... read more

Quiz the Coach - How To Do A Cartwheel

ve been in cheerleadingfor five years and I don't know how to do a cartwheel. I think it is because I'm afraid.... read more

Are Cheerleading Routines Too Much?

Is cheerleading too much? Why are some people trying to ban some school cheerleading routines?... read more

Quiz the Coach - I Wanna Be A Flyer

I'm tall and skinny and want to be a flyer on my school cheerleading squad. Can I still be a flyer if I'm tall?... read more

Quiz the Coach: We Have A New Coach

Our squad just got a new coach, who knows NOTHING! She never lets us stunt so we look horrible at games.... read more

Quiz the Coach - I'm A Cheer Captain

I am a guy and I am the captain of our school's cheerleading squad but none of the girls listen to me. What should I do?... read more

Cheerleading Tips and Terms

From bases and basket tosses to cupies and cradle catches, check out Kidzworld's tips and terms for cheerleaders.... read more

Simon's Blog - September 28, 2004

My dad took me and my brother to see the Lions game on Sunday. I'm not sure what their problem is but the Lions always suck.... read more

Cheering For the Home Team

Think all you need to become a pro cheerleader are some pom-poms, a great bod and the phone number of the starting quarterback?... read more

Quiz the Coach - I Wanna Ditch Cheerleading!

My problem is urgent! I hate cheerleading. I did it last year, but by January I hated it so much. How do I tell the 'rents?... read more

Quiz the Coach - I Cheer for Jerks

I'm a cheerleader and the football players I cheer for treat me like dirt and two of them are my friends! What should I do?... read more

Quiz the Coach - Is DDR a Sport?

"Is DDR considered a sport?" Find out what the Kidzworld Coach has to say about the freaky world of Dance Dance Revolution.... read more

Quiz the Coach - Why Are Cheerleaders Stupid?

I don't understand cheerleaders. Why do cheerleaders think they're so special and why are boys always wanting to get with them?... read more

Quiz the Coach - I'm New To Cheerleading

There are people at my school that say our cheerleading team is going to stink because all these new people are coming in.... read more

Quiz the Coach - I Can't Do A Full Liberty

I am having trouble getting a Full Liberty in cheerleading. Is it my fault or the base's fault that I can't stay up?... read more