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The Playstation 2 Online :: At Last!

The PS2 game console has taken the leap online and Gary has the 411 on how to get online, why to get online and what games you can play - here's a hin...read more
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Mega Man vs. Metroid's Samus :: Ultimate Battle

Capcom's Mega Man is battling Nintendo's fave grrl - Samus Aran from Metroid! Will Mega Man beat Samus? Vote to see who will win the Ultimate Battle n...read more

2002 Billboard Awards Recap

This award show is usually pretty run-of-the-mill. This year, the 2002 Billboard Music Awards inched closer to the MTV awards in the cra...read more
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Avril Lavigne Fans Speak Out!

Kidzworld has received tons of emails about why, and how much, Avril Lavigne rocks, kicks and basically rules. Here are some Kidzworld members who jus...read more

Avril Lavigne - Friend or Foe? Tell us!

Kidzworld has received tons of email about why, and how much, Avril Lavigne rocks, kicks and basically rules. Here are some Kidzworld members who just...read more

Playstation 2 and Game Boy Game Bundles

The Sony PS2 and Nintendo Gameboy Advance are giving you free video games! Gary has the 411 on these game deals....read more
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Meet the Smashenburns from Game Over

Here's a family that will make yours look picture-perfect! Check out the new video game family, The Smashenburns!...read more
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Camp Lazlo TV Show Facts

How does one crazy monkey turn the entire Camp Kidney summer camp into a hilarious party? Find out with our look at the animat...read more

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar GBA Cheats

Use these Mega Man video game cheats to hack the system and unlock tons of bonus items on the GBA!...read more
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One Piece: Grand Adventure Gamecube & PS2 Game Review

We review the One Piece: Grand Adventure game of battling anime pirate mayhem for Gamecube and PS2!...read more

Nintendo Wii System Crash and Sony PSP 3.0 Update!

Is the Nintendo Wii system update crashing the console? What's in the new PSP 3.0 update? Get the 411 here!...read more
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Ben 10 Collectible Card Game Review

Unleash Ben 10’s aliens and mutants against your friends with the Ben 10 card game! Here’s Gary's card game review....read more
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Star Wars: Clone Wars Republic Heroes Q & A

In anticipation of the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars Republic Heroes game, Nathaniel interviewed the game's developers at Lucasarts! Find out wha...read more
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PlayStation Network: Transformers & More

The complete 1st Season 25th Anniversary Edition of one of the most-popular cartoon series ever – Transformers – is now available on PlayStation Netwo...read more
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The Secret Saturdays: The Kur Stone (Part I): Comic Book Review

We know you love Ben 10 Alien Force and Bakugan Battle Brawlers comic books based on TV cartoon shows. That's why the Cartoon Network decided to relea...read more
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Ben 10: Alien Swarm DVD

This DVD cover is REALLY cool. Black and green and holographic, it shows Ben Tennyson when you turn it one way and a pretty smarmy-looking alien when ...read more

Ben 10: Alien Force :: New Online Games

Play as Ben, Gwen, and Kevin and save the world in these Cartoon Network flash games!...read more