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Gen Con So Cal 2004 Game Con Tournament Wrap-Up News

Gen Con So Cal is over and hundreds of games have been played. Here's the 411 on the big prizes and tournaments! more
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Nintendo Announces New Video Game System

If you're a gamer, odds are you have a Gameboy and maybe even a Gamecube. But have you heard of the Nintendo DS game system? more
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Pokemon Ranger: Nintendo DS Video Game Review

Protect Pokemon and save the day in Pokemon Ranger for the Nintendo DS. We review the new Pokemon game here! more
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Toys "R" Us Is Giving Away Regigigas For Free!

Get Regigigas for free from Toys "R" Us stores in America and Puerto Rico from March 8th - March more

Pokemon Game Cheats: Catch Cyndaquil and Evolve Ninjask!

Get Pokemon video game cheats on catching Cyndaquil and evolving Ninjask to Shedinja with these GBA game cheats! more
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Dr. Mario & Puzzle League: Nintendo GBA Game Review

Dr. Mario and Puzzle League are here to strain your brain with a double-dose of Mario on one GBA game. We review more
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Ultimate Video Game Giveaway Top GBA Games!

For the 411 on the most fun you can have with a Nintendo Game-boy Advance, check out our list of the coolest video games! more
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Digimon Digital Card Battle :: Playstation Game Review

Oh my! The Digiverse is invading your Playstation! This game brings home the action, strategy and digital monsters from the popular card game. Is it more
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Animation Style Overview

From Dragon Ball Z to the Looney Tunes,Teen Titans, and Transformers, every cartoon looks different. Here's the 411 on different cartoon more

Pokemon Advanced Challenge - Animated TV Show Info

What's going on with the Pokemon Advanced Challenge TV show? Here's the 411 on Ash, Pikachu, Misty and more! more
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Got Gamecube? Get One Soon!

When does the Nintendo Gamecube and free game deal end? Find out! Plus, info on Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and the Legend of more
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Kidzworld's Top Five Card Games of 2005!

The competition is rough as card games battle. Will it be Poke- mon? Yu-Gi-Oh!? Maybe even Duel Masters! more
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Game News: 2006, 01, 01-07

2006 is here and that means a whole year of new games! We preview the hot new games for the whole year, check it more
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Kidzworld's 2006 Video Game Previews!

Want the 411 on the hottest video games coming in 2006? From Zelda to Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts and more, get it more
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Monster Lab :: DS and Wii Game Preview

Monster Lab for DS and Wii lets you build monsters and send them into battle! Check out the video trailer more
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Kidzworld's Top 10 Video Games of 2006!

Just in time for Christmas and Boxing Day sales, we have the Top 10 video games of 2006. Check out Gary's pics here! more

Pokemon Trading Card Game 2008 Holiday Collector’s Tins Review

The latest Pokemon Collectors Tins by Nintendo/GameFREAKS are ready just in time for the 2008 holiday season! more
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Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant :: Game Preview

Get the scoop on Crash’s new adventure and become part of the game with an exclusive contest! It’s all right more
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Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire :: GBA Game Reviews

Kidzworld has reviews for the new Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire video games for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance! more

Pokemon Trading Card Game News & Tournaments

What's the scoop on the Pokemon Trading Card Game? Get the 411 on Pokemon card sets, new tournaments and more! more
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