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Wild Things: The Stinking Corpse Lily

Wild Things: The Stinking Corpse Lily

It may be the world's largest flower, but there won't be any perfume made from it. Nicknamed the rotting corpse lily, the Rafflesia arnoldii reeks lik...read more

Pokemon Stadium 2 :: N64 Game Review

Pokemon Stadium 2 is due out on March 28th and it's the latest way to visit the incredible world of the Pocket Monsters. Find out the pros and ...read more

Pokemon Banned

Dec 27, 2006 Pikachu I ban you! Uh, oh. Saudi Arabia has just banned all Pokemon cards, games and even toys. They've decided that the game encourages gambling and ...read more

Pokemon TCG: Basic Card :: Game Review

Can't get enough Pokemon action? They're jumping off of the screen and into your hand with the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Check out what it's a...read more

Super Smash Brothers :: Kids Submit N64 Game Review

Super Smash Brothers is a quick and kewl fighting game for the N64. You pick your fave Nintendo character and knock another one off of the map....read more

Tube Talk

Everybody's got a TV show that they just can't miss. Whether it's a comedy, a drama or a cartoon - there is one show you'll never ever miss. Find out ...read more
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Game Boy Advance News

Nintendo's hot new Game Boy Advance has hit the streets. Check out what the system has lined up for games and decide which ones to slag and whi...read more

Nintendo Doesn't Share

Nintendo rocks. Their games are a hoot, their systems are a blast and everybody loves 'em, right? Not everyone. Nintendo isn't big on sh...read more
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GenCon 2001 Game Convention

It's bigger than big, it's HUGE. Taking up two city blocks, with over 25,000 people attending, GenCon is massive. See what the buzz is all abou...read more
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Digimon Digital Card Battle :: Playstation Game Review

Oh my! The Digiverse is invading your Playstation! This game brings home the action, strategy and digital monsters from the popular card game. Is it d...read more
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Trading Card Tips

Collectible cards - Pokemon, Magic, baseball and others - can be worth serious coin. Learn to trade like a pro or you could get ripped o...read more
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Magi-Nation Duel :: Trading Card Game Review

Play the Magi-Nation Duel trading card game and fight battles to control the Moonlands. Is this card game cool? Find out!...read more

Super Smash Brothers Melee :: Gamecube Game Cheat Codes and Hints

Cheat it up, unlock everything, knock the competition into last week and rock out with hidden tunes. Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Gamecub...read more
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Super Smash Brothers Melee :: Gamecube Game Cheats (pt. 2)

You've unlocked the characters, now it's time to find an awesome place to battle! Check out how to score Super Smash Brothers Melee's wild leve...read more
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Card Game Tournaments

Are you a Magic master, Dragonball Z warrior, Yu-Gi-Oh! pro, Pokemon trainer or a wizard at Harry Potter? Prove your skill in a tournament! Here's the...read more
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories Cheats: Deck Capacity & Pokemon Card Game Tips

If you're stuck on your fave game - Go Ask Gary! He's got all the game cheat codes, hints, tips, secrets and walkthroughs you'll need to win at any ga...read more
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Nintendo Gameboy Advance E-Reader

What's the deal with the GBA E-Reader digital game cards, the Pokemon: Expedition set and more? Gary's got the 411 on them, right here....read more
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Got Gamecube? Get One Soon!

When does the Nintendo Gamecube and free game deal end? Find out! Plus, info on Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and the Legend of Zelda....read more
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Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire :: GBA Game Reviews

Kidzworld has reviews for the new Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire video games for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance!...read more

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire :: Game Cheats

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are kickin' it on the Gameboy Advance. With these game cheats, hints and tips you'll kick butt too!...read more