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King Kong DVD Review

Peter Jackson is back with more movie magic with the release of King Kong. Find out if this monster of a movie is worth checking more
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Freaky Friday DVD Review

If you're a Freaky Friday fan, you better tune into the Disney Channel on Friday, June 9, 2006! It kicks off more
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Bad News Bears DVD Review

An alcoholic Little League manager tries to turn a team of misfits into championship contenders in the Bad News more
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Mishon Remake: MJ’s Remember The Time

Mishon and Da Internz pay homage to the King of Pop – Michael Jackson – by recreating the classic New Jack Swing hit “Remember the Time.” more
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A Boy And His Blob For Wii Game Review

A Boy And His Blob is a remake of an old Nintendo game made about 20 years ago – so your parents may remember playing it when they were little! more
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Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver :: Nintendo DS Game Review

Ho-Oh and Lugia

The latest Pokemon game is the walk and talk about town! Check out our review to see how far you should go for this remake! more

Poseidon DVD Review

Hollywood's latest remake is about a luxury cruise ship that capsizes after being hit by a colossal wave! Will it sink on the big screen as well? more

Cheaper by the Dozen Movie Review

Would having 11 brothers and sisters be cool or chaos? Is watching a giant family fun or foul? Find out in this movie review! more