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Freaky Friday DVD Review

If you're a Freaky Friday fan, you better tune into the Disney Channel on Friday, June 9, 2006! It kicks off more
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Cheaper by the Dozen Movie Review

Would having 11 brothers and sisters be cool or chaos? Is watching a giant family fun or foul? Find out in this movie review! more

Bad News Bears DVD Review

An alcoholic Little League manager tries to turn a team of misfits into championship contenders in the Bad News more
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King Kong DVD Review

Peter Jackson is back with more movie magic with the release of King Kong. Find out if this monster of a movie is worth checking out! more
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Poseidon DVD Review

Hollywood's latest remake is about a luxury cruise ship that capsizes after being hit by a colossal wave! Will it sink on the big screen as well? more

Mishon Remake: MJ’s Remember The Time

Mishon and Da Internz pay homage to the King of Pop – Michael Jackson – by recreating the classic New Jack Swing hit “Remember the Time.” more
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A Boy And His Blob For Wii Game Review

A Boy And His Blob is a remake of an old Nintendo game made about 20 years ago – so your parents may remember playing it when they were little! more
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Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver :: Nintendo DS Game Review

Ho-Oh and Lugia

The latest Pokemon game is the walk and talk about town! Check out our review to see how far you should go for this remake! more