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Buzkashi - National Sport of Afghanistan

If you think football is a rough game, then you're definitely too much of a sissy to play Buzkashi. It's an all-out battle for a goat's carcass that l...read more
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Quiz the Coach - Girls Sport

I hate it when people always stereotype guys and girls. Not all of us girls have fluff for brains. I am definitely not a cheerleader type. I prefer R...read more
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Huffy Sports - Twilight Balls

Have you ever had to quit a great game of basketball or football because it's too dark to play outside any longer? Well, darkness no longer has to be...read more
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Quiz the Coach - Is Volleyball a Sport?

How come some guys don't call volleyball a real sport at my school? Is there something that is needed to be a "real sport?" Or do guys just say this b...read more

World's Most Disgusting Sports

Cow Chip Tossing

Would you swim in the world's dirtiest ponds? How about picking up cow crap or eating pie until you puke? These peeps did....read more

Quiz the Coach - I Can't Get Very High On My Ollie

I can't ollie properly. I can lift the front part pretty high, and I can get the back about two centimeters up, but I can't level the board. What's wr...read more
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Rat Tailz Skateboards

Is smaller really better, especially when it comes to your skateboard? Check out these Rat Tailz rides and decide for yourself....read more
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Lyn-Z Adams-Hawkins Biography

Skateboarder Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins is one cool chick with an even cooler name. Read up on her!...read more
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Quiz the Coach - I Can't Do A Full Liberty

I am having trouble getting a Full Liberty in cheerleading. Is it my fault or the base's fault that I can't stay up?...read more

Quiz the Coach - Kids Heckle Me When I Cheer!

I'm in an exclusive cheer club that just won second in the Nationals, and all the kids at school think we're just show offs....read more
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Quiz the Coach - I'm New To Cheerleading

There are people at my school that say our cheerleading team is going to stink because all these new people are coming in....read more

Quiz the Coach - Why Are Cheerleaders Stupid?

I don't understand cheerleaders. Why do cheerleaders think they're so special and why are boys always wanting to get with them?...read more

Quiz the Coach - I Cheer for Jerks

I'm a cheerleader and the football players I cheer for treat me like dirt and two of them are my friends! What should I do?...read more
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EA's NFL Street Gamecube Video Game Review

With more slammin' style than a rock show and 300 of your fave football players, does NFL Street rock the Gamecube?...read more
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Chaos League: Free PC Game Demo

Get ready for some serious fantasy football with Chaos League! Match up crazy teams in this free PC game demo!...read more
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Dear Dish-It, How to Adjust to a New School

It can be hard to move to a new school and make new friends, so Dish-It has advice about dealing with this change!...read more

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach vs the NBA in NBA Street V3!

Nintendo's biggest stars are takin' on the NBA's hottest players in EA's NBA Street V3. Get the video game scoop here!...read more
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Casting Call - Sports Kids Moms and Dads

If you're a professional child athlete, then audition for Sports Kids Moms and Dads!...read more
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PS2 Game Cheats for EA's Madden NFL 2005 Video Game

Use these game cheats to knock the other team into next week in EA's wicked football video game, Madden NFL 2005!...read more
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PS2 Game Cheats for EA's NBA Live 2005 Video Game

Get these PS2 cheat codes for EA's NBA Live 2005 video game to boost your game and style up your fave basketball team....read more
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