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Teen Choice Awards 2001

The Teen Choice Awards were given out Sunday August 12, 2001 in front of a packed crowd at Universal Ampitheatre in Los Angeles, California. These awards are one of the best, especially for fans, because they're the ones who get to decide who wins. Kidzworld was there to get the scoop for ya.

It was a star-packed affair - everybody who's anybody was there. The stars were good sports too as they stopped and chatted with press on the red carpet and braved the press tents despite the blistering heat. The show opened with a performance by Usher, who has a new album out soon - and was the followed by a hilarious spoof of Lady Marmalade. They called it The Moulin Huge and though the girls were dressed like Mya, Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera and Pink - they definitely wore different sizes of lingerie.

Next it was down to business with a ton of awards to give out in cool categories like Choice Male Hottie and Choice Hissy Fit.

Here's a look at who snagged a surfboard
Choice Movie Comedy
Miss Congeniality
Choice Movie Drama Pearl Harbor
Choice Movie of the Summer Legally Blonde
Choice Movie Actor Ben Affleck, Pearl Harbor
Choice Movie Actress Julie Stiles, Save The Last Dance
Choice Break-Out Performance Kerry Washington, Save The Last Dance
Choice Sleezebag The Rock, The Mummy Returns
Choice Fight Scene Julia Stiles and Bianca Lawson, Save The Last Dance
Choice Wipe-Out Sandra Bullock, Miss Congeniality

And then there's also the television categories - which brought out hotties like Jessica Alba, Wilmer Vladerama from That '70s Show and the slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar who won the big kahuna - the Extraordinary Achievement Award. Way to go, Slayer!

Choice TV Actress Jessica Alba
Choice Tv Personality Carson Daly
Choice TV Reality Show TRL
Choice TV Drama 7th Heaven
Choice Late Night Saturday Night Live

The Rock grew up in Hawaii.
Courtesy of Fox.

Sure these awards don't get as crazy as the MTV Awards but there were some choice moments - like Justin Timberlake and Chris Kattan fighting over the Choice Male Hottie award. Ben Affleck's appearance was probably the biggest surprise of the night. He took a night off rehab to claim the awards for his flick Pearl Harbor. Then there's all the lip-locking from the celebs. Britney and Justin smooching, Jessica and her fiance Michael Weatherly locked lips on camera and so did the poster children for young love, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. In fact Freddie couldn't bare to be away from his girl one minute - he even followed her into the press tent and joked about decking a guy who asked her for a kiss. Despite their obvious affection, Sarah answered a reporter with, "What big date? Today? Today is a big date." When asked whether she and Freddie had picked the big wedding date.

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