2001 Teen Choice Awards Review

*NSYNC gets a surfboard!
Courtesy of Fox.
Destiny's Child is a teen fave!
Courtesy of Fox.
I'm not sure what the heck these two were thinking when they got dressed?!
Courtesy of Fox.
2001 Teen Choice Awards Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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The 2001 Teen Choice Awards aired on August 20th and the show was full of all your fave music peeps like Destiny's Child, *NSYNC, Usher, and brothers - Aaron and Nick Carter.

The 2001 Teen Choice Awards aired on August 20th and the show opened with a spoof of Lady Marmalade performed by the Moulin Huge. The lipsynching, plus-sized, divas were dressed the same as Christina Aguilera and company did in the video. It was pretty funny and the Moulin Huge even wandered out into the audience and Steven Tyler wiggled his tongue at one of the girls. *NSYNC was the best though - the guys started shakin' their booties with the girls as they passed by.

My favorite performance of the night was Usher singing his latest hit U Remind Me. His voice sounded great and he really worked the crowd. The girls oohed and ahhed over his robotic-like Michael Jackson moves and sometimes it even seemed like he was on a treadmill. The best part was when he broke out into some really fancy footwork during the instrumental part. Wow! Usher's got the moves and the grooves. Another cool performance was rapper Eve with No Doubt's Gwen Stefani singing Let Me Blow Ya Mind. They're a great team and the crowd loved it.

The scariest performance of the evening was the first-ever TV performance for Aaron Carter and his brother Nick. The song was scary, the singing was just nasty and the outfits were just wrong. The guys decided to dress themselves. Nick wore some kind of bohemian pirate get up and Aaron some kind of combat outfit. The whole experience could only be described as painful.

In between musical performances, awards were given out in music, TV/movies and sports. One of the highlights was when Chris Kattan dressed in boy-band clothes and took the mic with *NSYNC while they were accepting an award. Chris Kattan broke into a spazzy boy-band dance that had *NSYNC laughing it up and then he started scrappin' with Justin.

The poor taste award would have to go to comedian Carrot Top who came out carrying a dummy that was supposed to be Mariah Carey. He layed her down on the floor and told her to rest. I thought it was pretty tacky and it didn't get much of a crowd response. He did get a response for his spoof of Metallica singing a Britney song but later started singing Christina's Genie in a Bottle. Maybe he should do a little more research next time.

The Teen Choice Awards was a really fun show with lots of great stars, a little humor, some cool performances and most importantly - winners that were chosen by you. For a run down of music award winners click here. For a listing of TV and Movie award winners, click here. For more on what went on behind the scenes, check out The Mint.

"This is rather embarrassing, because I don't consider myself hot." Justin Timberlake accepting the Teen Choice Hottie Award.

1HOW COULD YOU JUST DISS AARON CARTER LIKE THAT?! Their performance wasn't that bad. Sure the clothes they wore weren't in style, but they put on a great performance. That song is a great song. How can you actually say it was scary, and painful?!THE SINGING WAS NOT NASTY. Aaron is a great singer, and he and Nick didn't really sound like themselves at the Teen Choice Awards. He sounded a lot different than he usually does, like his throat hurt or something... but he is a great singer. He CAN REALLY SING. Ok?! thanx.

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Nickname: ACzgirl8701
Age: 14

1How can you say that about Aaron Carter? I bet he's much more cute than you. He is a great singer. His clothes weren't in style but it's how he feels. He can wear whatever he wants. And for your 411 that song wasn't scary - you are!

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