2008 Major League Baseball Season Preview

Kidzworld previews the 2008 MLB season!
Major League Baseball

The boys of summer are back for another season of America's pastime! We'll tell you what you can expect from the 2008 MLB season!

American League Picks and Predictions

When you are looking at possible favorites of the American League, you have to start with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Last year they won 94 games, and now they added some serious firepower with the humongous signing of Torri Hunter. Detroit also hit it big in the off season by acquiring Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera, who could potentially be the league MVP. If they get it together, they could reach the World Series. As usual, Boston is stacked with great talent and will always be around the top of the AL. Other teams with an upside include Kansas City, Seattle, Chicago and Texas. And don't count Toronto out; If they stay healthy, they have the weapons to make some noise and perhaps steal the wild card berth. Make sure to keep an eye on the Yankees' Bobby Abreau and Seattle pitching ace Erik Bedard.

Kidzworld's 2008 Picks:

  • Division Champs: Boston Red Sox (East), Detroit Tigers (Central), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (West).
  • Wild Card: Seattle Mariners
  • American League MVP: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers
  • National League Picks and Predictions

    The National League is very interesting this year because of all the scenarios that could play out. The NL West is the toughest division in baseball and who comes out of there could determine who wins the World Series. The L.A. Dodgers are our favorite to top Arizona, San Diego and last year's NL Champs, Colorado. The Dodgers have a new manager in Joe Torre and have added big guns like Andrew Jones to compliment their already loaded roster. The New York Mets have also improved in the off season by signing Johan Santa to their roster. Some other teams to watch out for are the Cincinnati Reds and Houston Astros. Also, watch out for Alfonso Soriano of the Cubs to rebound from a tough year and the Rockies' Matt Holliday.

    Kidzworld's 2008 Picks:

  • Division Champs: New York Mets (East), Chicago Cubs (Central), Los Angeles Dodgers (West).
  • Wild Card: San Diego Padres
  • National League MVP: Mark Texeira, Atlanta Braves.
  • World Series Pick

    It has been exactly 100 years since the Cubs won the Series, so we think this is the year they break the curse. They will defeat the Detroit Tigers in seven games!

    What's Hot, What's Not

  • Hot - The Washington Nationals have a new attitude to go along with their new stadium. Don't sleep on this up-and-coming squad. They have great hitters in Ryan Zimmerman and Austin Kearns. If they can get their pitching together, look for the boys from DC to contend for a wild card berth!
  • Not - Everybody remembers the Rockies' magical run at the end of last season that took them all the way to the World Series. This year, Colorado will have a huge target on their backs and that is not a good thing when you are in a division as competitive as the NL West. We say no post season for the mile-high city.
  • Who do you think's gonna win the 2008 World Series? to Kidzworld.

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    Who Won the 2008 World Series?

    • Los Angeles Dodgers.
    • Boston Red Sox.
    • Philadelphia Phillies.
    • Tampa Bay Rays.

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