Montana Tucker Interview (pg. 2)

Kidzworld got the chance to chat with Montana Tucker.
Montana Tucker

Sindy: Since you sing and dance, what do you think about reality shows like American Idol, Girlicious, or So You Think You Can Dance?

Montana: I think they’re great shows and I love to watch them all. It’s great that they give singers and dancers a chance to be seen and get out there. It’s a cool concept and they help a lot of people.

Sindy: Why is dance so popular right now, maybe more than it has been in a long time?

Montana: Dance is just a perfect way to express yourself, especially hip-hop. I don’t really do other styles of dance but I love hip-hop and I think the world does too, because it’s a way to express yourself, to have fun, and to just feel free.

Sindy: You made your first music video at thirteen years old, how have you changed since then?

Montana: I look back on it now and say Wow! That was just the beginning. My voice has changed, my performing skills have changed. It seems like a different me.

Sindy: What do you like to do when you’re not performing?

Montana: Well I think like every other teenager I’m obsessed with my Sidekick, that is my best friend, just kidding. But I’m on my phone talking to friends, I love to be on the beach, and just hanging out with my friends whenever I can.

Sindy: As far as working with big names, you’ve hung out with some of the biggest. Any good stories?

Montana: Well I think a lot of people always expect celebrities and big stars to be snotty or think they’re too good for everyone, but it’s really amazing to work with them and see that they’re totally down to earth. Like when I performed with Chris Brown at his birthday party, he was so down to earth and such a fun guy. Lil Wayne was really, really nice, and Flo Rida too, everyone expects rappers to be tough and mean, but Flo Rida was so nice and such a great guy.

Sindy: You’re young and you obviously have a lot of fans your own age or younger, how important is that to you?

Montana: My fans are so important to me. A lot of people have other people to run their MySpace for them but I go on to talk to my fans every day. When I perform I love to meet all my fans and make sure they have a great time.

Sindy: What’s one thing your fans might be surprised to know about you?

Montana: Everyone always asks me if I have time to be a regular teen since I’m so young and if I go to school. My parents are really strict about always getting my school work done, and now I’m going into tenth grade this year, doing a lot of honors classes and my parents say that if I don’t keep up the As and Bs then I can’t do my career, so that’s something my fans definitely don’t know.

Sindy: Right now a lot of young stars like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez are getting really popular. Do you think there’s a lot of competition now or is there room for everyone?

Montana: I definitely think there’s room for everyone. People ask if I like Miley Cyrus and I think she’s great at what she does, our style of music happens to be very different and our own style is different, but she’s great at what she does. Just like Selena and Demi are great and it would be great to be considered in the same category as them. I don’t see competition at all because everyone is great at what they do.

Sindy: You work with a lot of Hip-Hop stars and rappers, is that what you like to listen to?

Montana: I love Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B. I was never really into rock, but a lot of friends in LA love rock and I’m starting to get into it more now. Hip-Hop, Pop and R & B are definitely my passion.

Sindy: You’ve had the chance to have great coaches like Betty Wright and Shane Sparks. Do you feel lucky or do you feel extra pressure?

Montana: It’s not really pressure, it’s more like, Wow! Because every time I work with somebody else whether they’re really well known or not, it’s just amazing to work with so many talented people. I do really feel lucky every time.

Sindy: Your song with Flo-Rida is the next big thing for you, how did that compare to stuff you’ve done in the past?

Montana: This song really means a lot to me because I got to co-write my part with Betty Wright, and Flo Rida wrote his part obviously. I’ve never really written my own stuff before but when you get into it you really feel like, I wrote this, it’s really fun to do. This song is also a great dance song so I can dance to it, and I love it just as much as I hope the world will.

Sindy: And you’re going to start filming a movie soon?

Montana: Yeah, I’m going to start filming really soon, it's called Jump Off, starring Cedric the Entertainer and Wayne Brady, it’s kind of a mix between High School Musical and You Got Served. So I’m pretty excited about that.

Sindy: Cool. Any last message for your fans?

Montana: I love to talk to everybody so keep writing me on my MySpace. Thanks for all the support you’ve given me and I love everyone!

Find out more about Montana and hear some of her music on her official website or MySpace.

  • Click here to find out how Montana got her start and who she looks up to.

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