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Sindy: Your first album will be dropping in September 2008. What does that mean to you?

Lea Marie: My debut album, titled Lea Marie, will be released on September 16th, 2008, and it means the world to me because I have been working on it for a few years. I wrote all of the music and lyrics on the entire album and all of the vocals, and harmonies are sung by me.

Sindy: Even though you're so young, you have a lot of fans. How important are they to you?

Lea Marie: My fans are my lifeline because they inspire, encourage, and support me, and there is nothing more important than them because they keep me going with positive reinforcement and their love of my songs.

Sindy: What is something your fans might be surprised to know about you?

Lea Marie: One thing my fans might be suprised to know about me is that I am a great belly dancer, and I can roll my abs in both directions, like the waves in the ocean. My friends are always shocked when I show them my talented tummy because I have never had a belly dancing lesson and don't do sit ups or crunches.

Sindy: At your age, comparisons to young stars like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are going to happen. What do you think about that? Should there have to be competition?

Lea Marie: Competition is very important because it pushes me to be better, to work harder, and to practice my piano, my guitar, my songwriting, my singing, my dancing, and lastly my production skills in my home recording studio.

Sindy: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Lea Marie: I have very diverse musical taste and I love to listen to Classical Music, Broadway Show Tunes, Country Music, Hip Hop, and last but not least, Pop Music or Top 40 tunes.

Sindy: You write all of your own material, how important is that to you?

Lea Marie: Writing all of my own material is my identity as an artist because it enables me to express myself fully as both a musician and a writer.

Sindy: You've spent time in both New York and LA, how do the music scenes compare? What do you like and dislike about each place?

Lea Marie: I can't fairly compare the New York music scene to LA because I was 13 years old when I left New York and moved to LA. I was not playing out in the New York clubs or open mics of Manhattan.

Sindy: You've done a lot of acting as well, is that something you'd like to continue? Why are so many young actresses also singers?

Lea Marie: Music has always been my first love and the acting in my career followed it. I started auditioning for Broadway Musicals in New York. When I landed the role of [KWLINK 7436]Shirley Temple[KWLINK] in Bojangles starring Gregory Hines it was because of my tap dancing in addition to my acting. I think most young actresses are music lovers too and want to do it all. We all strive to be "the ultimate triple threat" but with the music you have to have good material to sing to have a successful album recording career!

Click here to read Part One of the interview with Lea Marie.

Check out Lea's website to hear songs from her new album and to find out about upcoming shows!

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