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Dragon Ball Origins :: DS Game Review

Dragon Ball Origins :: DS Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 14, 2008
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Everybodys favorite characters from the Dragon Ball saga are back in Ataris newest Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Origins. Team up with Goku and Bulma to collect all of the Dragon Balls and call forth the mighty Dragon.

Everybody's favorite characters from the Dragon Ball saga are back in Atari's newest Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Origins. Team up with Goku and Bulma to collect all of the Dragon Balls and call forth the mighty Dragon. There's plenty of excitement and tons of cool features as Atari starts at the beginning again.


For those of you who remember the original Dragon Ball cartoon, Dragon Ball Origins makes you remember all of the best parts. Goku's desire to protect his Grandpa's Dragon Ball and his friends, Bulma's ego and temper and the great cut scenes as the bad guys try to get in their way. Even if you never saw the original cartoon, the game's storyline is pretty close to the original so you won't have missed much.


Players get to play as kid Goku with the help of Bulma, who attacks enemies as they draw near and leads Goku in the direction of the Dragon Balls. The game makes good use of the DS stylus as you draw all over the screen running Goku here and there and using it to beat up bad guys. With a couple taps of the stylus on the screen, Goku will fly at his opponents using his powerful fist attacks or his magic Power pole to knock out the enemies.


The game makes it super easy for players to run Goku around and even makes him faster the farther he runs. Unfortunately, it's also super easy to run off an edge or miss attacking enemy. If you're not careful and you don't move your stylus in a different direction or stop early enough Goku will run right off the edge! Whoops! Thankfully the game generally puts you back only a few feet from where you fell.

Dragons Rock!

Dragon Ball Origins uses a great battling system and has tons of great cut scenes from the original cartoon. The game is super easy to play and with a quick tutorial at the beginning, even granny can figure it out. If you love Dragon Ball, and can't wait to help Bulma and Goku find all of the Dragon Balls again, then this is the game for you. Just watch out, because granny might try to nab it!

Game Rating: 5

Price: $29.99

ESRB Rating: T for Teen

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