Dating Advice from “Dating Rules” Stars Shiri Appleby and Alison Becker

Stars of the 9-episode web series Dating Rules From My Future Self  Shiri Appleby and Alison Becker took questions via Facebook and Twitter and sat down to live chat on Ustream with their fans, dishing about dating and Dating Rules!

Q: When is the next episode?

  • Alison: Right now we don’t know, there’s no plans to make any more, but you never know.
  • Shiri: As of now there’s really no plans to make more, but you guys are more than welcome to start petitioning for more episodes!

Q: How much time and work does it take to make an episode of 10 minutes?

  • Shiri: We basically shot all nine episodes in 10 days, we were all there to make something great.
  • Alison: Sometimes we were there for almost 16 hours, and then you go home empty the dishwasher and  go to sleep and then can’t wait to go back the next day.

Q: How similar are you to your characters?

  • Shiri: this is the first time I have ever produced something, and I was a part of the show from the beginning finding the director and the writer, finding Alison on Parks and Recreation and getting in contact with her, sitting and editing was a crazy experience. It’s been an absolutely amazing experience. And to produce something as great as Dating Rules turned out.
  • Alison: Its different working with someone who is a co-star and a producer, we saved so much time that way.

Q: Have you used any of the advice from the show in real life?

  • Alison: I think the best advice is the advice that current day Lucy gives which is “live in the moment.” It just makes sense. And its so easy to forget.
  • Shiri: That’s why they call it “the present”!

Q: How much ad-libbing is there?

  • Alison: I did a good amount of ad-libbing, sometimes the director would say “hey that’s a great thing for the character to say” and I would say “oh, that’s just what I would say”!
  • Shiri:  Alison would always make me laugh, and I’m, very focused on set usually
  • Alison: The director would whisper just say anything to shake her up!

Q: Who on the cast is single?

  • Shiri: I would say that everyone in the cast is dating and Bryce Johnson is married plus two kids
  • Alison: But no one else is married

Q: Describe your perfect man in just one word.

  • Alison: But Jon Bon Jovi’s three words!
  • Shiri: Perfect man in one word, I would say...”perfect”! If I had to say it in a few words it would be funny, trustworthy, kind - just perfect.

Q: What happens when you like someone but you’re too shy to tell them?

  • Alison: I am a big fan of making the first move, and I think I’m attracted to a guy who likes when a girl makes the first move. I don’t want that guy that comes up to you in a bar because that means he’s gonna do it to everybody.
  • Shiri: I like making the first move, it’s cool if you’re shy but maybe challenge yourself a little bit and make the first move. I think guys like knowing a woman is interested. It’s difficult to make yourself vulnerable, so just even give him a signal that you’re interested like flirt or touch their knee or something, but you don’t need to put yourself out there completely.

Q: Why can’t guys and girls be just friends?

  • Alison: I think it’s more acceptable than it has been in the past.
  • Shiri:  One of my favorite all-time movies is When Harry Met Sally where he says men and women can’t be friends because someone always ends up having feelings for the other, do you think that’s true?
  • Alison: I don’t think its true that it always happens, but I think its true that you run that risk. If your ideal partner should be someone who would be your best friend, why would you not want to make out with them?

Q: What is the best way to get through a break up, does cleansing really work for you?

  • Alison: It’s a part of it. You have to do things before your ready, sometimes you need your girlfriends to say “it’s time.”
  • Shiri: I used to go on trips by myself, like to Mexico. I do think that cleansing works,  when you get back on the plane to go home, showing yourself you can do things alone.

Q: What was your worst dating experience?

  • Alison: I had a crush on this guy in New York, he was really charismatic and we go for drinks and are totally vibing and then ten minutes in his unattractive non-charismatic friends walks in and he says “hey I wanted you to meet my friend cause I thought you’d be great together.” it wasn't a date!

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