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Meet Kidzworld's New Games Writer!

Sep 20, 2013

What's up, Kidzworld gamers!

My name is RedEyeGames or as I'm known in the real world, Rory! And I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself in epic fashion with a few words that will give you a good idea of who I am and my gaming history. So without further ado, let's get on with the show!

Broken reflection.Broken reflection.Courtesy of RedEyeGames

Born And Raised...

On Maple Syrup and Beaver Tails!

You guessed it, I'm Canadian! I was born in Windsor, Ont. during the harshest of Ontario's winter months, though I was too young to remember ever living there. My earliest memories are from when I lived in Mississauga, Ont.

Then it was on to a new city, Guelph, Ont! Or as me and my friends called it in our skateboarding heyday, The G! Wow, that seems so cheesy now that I write it. 

It was in Guelph (I currently live in beautiful Vancouver, BC) where I went to grade school and made my life-long friends, had my first kiss and developed what would eventually grow into an insatiable passion for gaming and film.

My flag.My flag.

Cartridge Dreams

It was Christmas morning, 1987...

I was five years old and had no clue that Santa would, I kid you not, bring me my very own, hand crafted by the finest elf, Nintendo Entertainment System with Mario/Duck Hunt as a pack-in! How those little elves learned to make those machines is still beyond me. But I thank them every Christmas as it was the NES that jumped started my love of video games with a full blast. A blast that would echo through my entire life and help shape me into the person I am today.

I built a full-scale AT-AT Walker in Halo's Forge...Yes you can go inside it!I built a full-scale AT-AT Walker in Halo's Forge...Yes you can go inside it!Courtesy of RedEyeGames

The Collection

So the NES is responsible for getting me hooked on video games but what did I play after that? A whole lot! Here is a list of the consoles I've owned and loved over the years as well as a less obvious game I adored for each. My folks had an Atari and a Comadore, but I've not included those here as I never considered them to be my own.

Genesis/Dynamite Heady, Saturn/Panzer Dragoon, Dreamcast/Bass Fishing

Wrath Of The Black Manta, SNES/Maximum Carnage, N64/Blast Corps, GameCube/Viewtiful Joe, Wii/Lost In Shadow, WiiU/ZombiU

Cool Borders 2, PS2/Resident Evil 2, PS3/Heavy Rain, PS4/Pre-Ordered

Crimson Skies, Xbox 360/Crackdown, Xbox One/Pre-Ordered

My personal GOTY (Game Of The Year) last year was FarCry 3. So far my favorite game of 2013 is The Last Of Us...But I'm playing through GTA 5 right now and holy cow, I'm blown away so far. Two of my favorite indie games of recent are Journey and FEZ!

I also draw...a lot! When I was young I wanted to work for Disney.I also draw...a lot! When I was young I wanted to work for Disney.Courtesy of RedEyeGames

If you're wondering, hooked up to my television at the moment is an N64, PS1, PS3 and a 360 that just died recently after 7+ glorious years, plus I'm gaming on a 3DS as well. I will never devote myself to one console with there being so many sweet exclusives on every platform. My love for gaming is too strong, I refuse to miss out on good games!

Did I mention I make movies? That's me on the camera.Did I mention I make movies? That's me on the camera.Courtesy of RedEyeGames

Check out this Gears Of War stop-motion video I made for a Microsoft Xbox Contest!


What's Next?

What does the future hold for RedEyeGames AKA Rory? I will be writing new articles every week and engaging in the community whenever possible. I encourage all you gamers out there to drop me a line on my profile, say hello, and let's talk video games (or movies)! I am always around to join in the discussion in the forums and to answer gaming questions, so never hesitate to message me on Kidzworld. You know where to find me now!

So who wants to play?


RedEyeGames AKA Rory



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