Tearaway: PS Vita Game Preview

Sep 23, 2013

Push, slide and tear your way through a world full of incredible imagination. Keep reading Kidzworld's Tearaway game preview to find out more!

Tearaway, only on PS Vita!Tearaway, only on PS Vita!Courtesy of Sony/Media Molecule

Paper Comes To Life

Tearaway is the latest creation from the masters of originality at Media Molecule (MM), the game developers behind the smash hit series, LittleBigPlanet (LBP). Just like LBP, Tearaway features beautiful abstract visuals and is full of that quirky charm MM has become known for.

In Tearaway, the goal is to help Iota the "Messenger" (or Atoi, if choosing a girl) deliver a message to you, the player. A message that is unique to each and every individual that picks up the Vita. Iota must explore and traverse numerous 3D environments that are created entirely of paper in the appropriately named "Paper World". What's neat about this world is that all the objects you see in-game, can actually be created with paper in real-life. It's a wonderfully attractive art-style and really showcases MM's grasp on the Vita hardware. 

Paper monsters!Paper monsters!Courtesy of Sony/Media Molecule

Vita Explored

Tearaway plays a lot like a traditional 3D platformer, with the player running and jumping through Paper World albeit with some major gameplay twists, thanks to Vita's unique features. You'll slide your finger across the screen to cut out objects, use the rear-camera to take a picture and "re-skin" the animals with a personal texture, and even use the rear-touch-pad to poke your finger through the paper environment, creating a tear that reveals whatever the rear-camera is seeing at the moment in our real world.

Explore exotic paper worlds.Explore exotic paper worlds.Courtesy of Sony/Media Molecule

In past games, the Vita's features have been used in somewhat gimmicky ways, but Media Molecule has implemented them in a way that not only makes sense in context of the story but compliments some of the more traditional gameplay elements in fantastic fashion.

And it wouldn't be a Media Molecule game without player creation tools and fret not LBP aficionados', Tearaway will feature some form of player created content to share with others but the folks over at MM haven't divulged what exactly we'll be able to do, only saying us gamers will have to stay tuned for more details. A secretive bunch they can be sometimes.

Check out this great Tearaway trailer below!

For those gamers itching to get their hands on another quality title, Tearaway launches this November 22nd, exclusively on PS Vita.

Have Your Say!

Any PS Vita fans out there? Naruto200, I'm looking at you! How does Tearaway look to you guys? Let us know in the comments below!




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If you want a lot of lives then go to world 1-2 get a koopa shell get to the first goomba (stomp on it of course) and then near the goomba you stomped on there should be a line of 3 brick blocks. Take a goomba shell line yourself up between the wall and the middle brick block aim at the wall throw it and jump IMIEDIETLY. You should keep jumping on the shell and keep getting 1UPS. If at first you don't succeed try try again! That really goes with this! So this cheat was written on kidzworld by Bossmax456! Hope you enjoyed and I hope you find this very useful. ;)
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