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Valentine's Day Video Game Fun for Couples!

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Valentines Day is comin' up and it's time to treat your favorite hottie like they're #1. But, how can you do that with a video game? The trick is to find something you'll both enjoy and that you can play together. Gary's got a few video games that are perfect for you and your sweetie to play. Check out the list!

Super Mario Galaxy

Check out Gary's pics for Valentine's Day video games!

If your Valentine's squeeze does a little gaming but isn't hardcore, team up with them in Super Mario Galaxy's "Sidekick" two-player mode. It puts you in the driver seat as Mario and lets the second player use the Wiimote to collect star bits and blast baddies. It's great for a casual gamer and you can swap controllers if your snuggle-buddy wants to take a spin at the gravity-warping action.

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  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Trilogy

    Check out Gary's pics for Valentine's Day video games!

    This game, or any of the LEGO Star Wars games, is perfect for a happy pair of gamers! Not only is it packed full of multiplayer options, characters, levels and more, but it's also super easy so you don't need to panic about beating levels. Instead you can focus on more important things - like the person sitting next to you!

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  • Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero

    Check out Gary's pics for Valentine's Day video games!Check out Gary's pics for Valentine's Day video games!

    Party hard and get your groove on with these games! Any games in the series will do, just make sure you drop some $$$ for two controllers so you and your love can mix it up with multiplayer. Not only will these games get you moving, you can set the difficulty for each player in case one of you is a pro.

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  • Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

    Check out Gary's pics for Valentine's Day video games!

    If you and your valentine dig anime and games, check this out! It's a sweet fighting game that lets you build two-person teams so you and yours can unleash jutsu and crush enemies together. Perfect for when nothing says romance like hurling an enemy off a cliff for your sweetheart. Believe it!

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  • Endless Ocean

    Check out Gary's pics for Valentine's Day video games!

    Don't want to worry about dodging monsters when you're chilling with your valentine's crush? Endless Ocean is perfect! It lets you paddle about in the deep blue sea, checking out the colorful wildlife, without any bad guys. Even better, you can plug in your own mp3s! So, load up a few love songs and get ready for a cozy afternoon of cuddling.

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