Ashlee Simpson Biography

Ashlee Simpson's third album is due out in 2008.
Courtesy of Universal Music

Birthdate: October 3, 1984
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas

Ashlee Simpson - Humble Beginnings

Even though she hasn't been in the spotlight as long as her big sis Jessica, Ashlee Simpson has been preparing for a career in entertainment since she was just a little kid. Ashlee started studying dance when she was only four years old and, at age 11, became the youngest person ever admitted to the School of American Ballet. It wasn't long before she was dancing professionally, and it was Jessica who gave Ashlee her first big break. Ashlee became a part of Jessica's stage show, dancing in the background and supporting her sister. But Ashlee was determined to break free from the shadow of her famous sis and in 2001, she did exactly that.

Ashlee Simpson - Rising Star

In 2001, Ashlee began acting, landing small roles in television shows and movies (she was in one episode of Malcolm in the Middle, and even had a bit part opposite Rob Schneider in The Hot Chick). Ashlee's big break came in 2002 when she was cast as Simon Camden's love interest on 7th Heaven. While that role showed that Ashlee could act, it didn't change the fact that what she really wanted to do was sing. Aside from contributing a song to the Freaky Friday soundtrack (which also featured tunes from Lindsay Lohan and Simple Plan), Ashlee didn't have much singing experience - though that didn't stop her from trying to launch a solo career.

Ashlee Simpson - Fame and Fortune

Geffen Records signed Ashlee to a music deal in 2003 and she began working on her first album immediately. Because Jessica was having so much success with her show Newlyweds at that time, Ashlee decided to go the reality TV route as well. Her series, called The Ashlee Simpson Show, premiered in June of 2004 on MTV and documented the entire process of making an album - from writing the songs to recording them. When Autobiography was released in July 2004, it went straight to number one - a feat that big sister Jessica Simpson has never been able to accomplish.

Ashlee Simpson - The Comeback Kid

Although Autobiography was originally met with a good reception from music fans, Ashlee's good luck didn't last long. Throughout 2004 and 2005, peeps complained that she was a poser who had no talent. When she was caught lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live, things got even worse for this rising star. But, despite her embarrassments, Ashlee picked up the pieces and set to work on her second album, I Am Me. The disc, released on October 25, 2005, features the single Boyfriend (a song about the allegations that she stole Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend from her!). Since then, Ashlee has Roxie Hart in the London stage production of Chicago, and her third album is due out in 2008.

Ashlee Simpson - Did U Know?

  • Ashlee is currently dating Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz.
  • After Ashlee hit it big, the first thing she bought was a Lexus convertible.
  • The biggest influence on Ashlee's look and music is No Doubt's Gwen Stefani.
  • Ashlee wrote the song Catch Me When I Fall about her embarrassing experience on Saturday Night Live in 2004.

Ashlee Simpson Says...

"I was always, like, the younger sister. And she (Jessica), like, sang since she was really young. So I danced and I was acting and all that stuff. And when I would sing, I would sing alone in my room."

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  • Blonde. Hey, it works for Jessica and Britney.
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  • Both. She should do major streaks and highlights.
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