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Chronic Future Interview

They've been playing together since they were just high school kids, and now, nine years later they are rockin' the music world with their latest album, Lines in my Face. Check out what they had to say about the new CD, the music industry and some of their coolest fan experiences!

Sindy: Congratulations on the new album! How long have you guys been working towards getting signed to a label?
Chronic Future: We have been together for nine years and kind of got signed about three years into it and worked for about three or four years to get off of that label and then were signed to Interscope finally.

Sindy: And are you happy with the new label?
Chronic Future: Absolutely. They're treating us well, letting us do our thing.

Sindy: What's different about this new album to albums in the past?
Chronic Future: This record is just a little bit more us and we just had time to grow and grow together as a unit which is extremely, extremely helpful. It's been the same members for the last nine years so that's just been the greatest part is just building our friendships and continuing our endeavors - so it's just been cool.

Sindy: Were you prepared for the kind of response you guys have received for the album so far?
Chronic Future: I guess just for doing it for quite some time now, we're just having a good time with it for sure. It's cool cuz the video is all up in your face and our faces are plastered everywhere and stuff so we get to somewhat ease into it but it's been super great to just have a response. We're just thankful for that. You know it could be taken away at any second.

Sindy: So are you guys headed out on tour?
Chronic Future: Yeah, we've been out for actually the last six weeks and had to take a break because our bass player actually herniated a disc in his back in Pittsburgh, and he flew home from Cleveland and we drove home and then got out to Phoenix and spent some time with family and then we're finishing the tour out there in California. Just played Anaheim last night and we go to Sacramento today.

Sindy: Cool. So how's the tour going then?
Chronic Future: It's been fantastic. We did some shows on the Warped Tour for a couple weeks and that was really, really good for us. That type of exposure that you can be granted can be really incredible so we took advantage. It was really, really tough but it was fun.

Sindy: Cool. So, who's the coolest band you've got to play with?
Chronic Future: The coolest band we've ever gotten to play with? Umm, I can say on the Warped Tour it was really dope playing with like Atmosphere and Non-Fiction and I got to stand in line with this dude, Q-Unique from the Arsonists, cuz they had a hip-hop tent this year. So that was incredible just talking with those dudes, seeing what their lives are like and all that. But, as far as bands, ummm, gosh, there's been some cool ones. Definitely like Save the Day was an amazing tour when we did that one with Face to Face a few years ago. Those guys have just been super helpful to us and really nice. Those are probably the coolest bands we've gotten to play with.

Sindy: Cool. You guys have been together for nine years - was there ever a time when you thought you were going to break up?
Chronic Future: No, we never broke up. It might have appeared that way cuz we were out of the scene and we stopped playing shows for a while. But we were always together and always writing. We were always working with one another and always hanging out. There was never a time when we said we don't want to do this anymore. We're in it for the long haul.

Sindy: Did you always think that you were going to be in the music industry or did you have any other goals?
Chronic Future: Gosh, well we all went to school for visual arts and stuff but we all knew we wanted to be in this industry and work in it and play in it and just play shows and that's it. We all grew up going to concerts and drooling, just wanting to be on stage.

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