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Celebrity Recap - October 2004

October 2004 Celebrity Birthdays

  • October 3rd - Ashlee Simpson turned 20; Eric von Detten hit 22 and the stylish Gwen Stefani celebrated her 35th birthday.
  • October 4th - Alicia Silverstone hit 28.
  • October 7th - Iceman, AKA Shawne Ashmore, turned 25; Mean Girl, Rachel McAdams, turned 28 and American Idol favorite, Simon Cowell hit 45.
  • October 10th - Singing sultress Mya turned 25.
  • October 11th - Two equally fabulous girls with the same name share a birthday - Michelle Wie turned 15 while Michelle Tractenburg celebrated her 19th.
  • October 12th - Van Helsing demon hunter, Hugh Jackman, turned 36.
  • October 13th - Ashanti celebrated her 24th birthday.
  • October 14th - Yeah! Usher turned 25!
  • October 16th - John Mayer hit 27.
  • October 17th - Nick Cannon turned 24 and bad boy Eminem hit 32.
  • October 20th - Huggy Bear, AKA Snoop Dogg, celebrated his 32nd birthday.
  • October 22nd - Jonathan Lipnicki, star of Stewart Little, turned 14.
  • October 24th - R&B singer Monica hit 24.
  • October 27th - Life As We Know It star, Kelly Osbourne, turned 20.
  • October 28th - Joaquin Phoenix hit 29 and Julia Roberts turned 36.
  • October 30th - Gwen Stefani's hubby, Gavin Rossdale, turned 37.
  • October 2004 Love Report

  • Orlando Bloom has proposed to girlfriend Kate Bosworth and she's accepted! There are already rumors that the two would like to get married as early as next June.
  • Marilyn Manson is ready to get married! He's rumored to be marrying his long-time girlfriend while he is in Berlin on a photo shoot. Manson is currently scoping out cool castles in Berlin where they can hold the ceremony.
  • Nicky Hilton and her new husband are having their marriage annulled just a few months after they were wed in Las Vegas.
  • October 2004 Baby News

  • The one and only Britney Spears is rumored to be pregnant! Her publicist denies it and Brit says she just wants to chill out and enjoy life for a while. Guess we'll find out for sure in nine months...
  • Angelina Jolie has started the adoption process on a second son. Angelina has reportedly adopted a Russain boy named Gleb. The adoption could take up to six months to be official.
  • October 2004 Contract News

  • Avril Lavigne is to sing the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song for the upcoming movie. Other bands on the soundtrack will include The Flaming Lips, The Shins and Wilco.
  • Destiny's Child has signed on to be the new spokespeople for McDonald's. The girls take over for Justin Timberlake who has most recently been the face of the "I'm Lovin' It" campaign.
  • October 2004 Deaths
    The original Superman, Christopher Reeve, has died. In 1995, he became paralyzed from the neck down after a horse-riding accident.

    Other Celebrity News from October 2004
  • Kelly Osbourne has moved out of the 'rents Beverly Hills mansion and purchased her own place. Kelly has bought a loft in Vancouver, Canada where her new TV show, Life As We Know It, is filming.
  • Ashlee Simpson was caught in a major lip-syncing fiasco on October 23, 2004 when she preformed on Saturday Night Live. Ashlee apologized at the end of the show and has since blamed the incident on a bad case of acid-reflux that caused her to lose her voice just before the show.
  • Gavin Rossdale has a daughter. Through DNA it was confirmed that 15 year-old Daisy Lowe is Gavin's kid. Her mom is designer and singer, Pearl Lowe.
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    Ashlee's Lip-Synching - What Do You Think?

    • I think that was really lame of her.
    • Whatever, everyone does it.
    • I think she just should have admitted it and not made up a dumb excuse.

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